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Help Desk Workflow Ticket Automation

No need to worry about what action should be performed for the tickets.. We have the Decision maker: WORKFLOW!

No one can make prediction for the number of tickets that would be received on a particular day. Every time it becomes very difficult to keep the track of every ticket. It really becomes very difficult and tedious to decide what action should be performed on a particular ticket. Even though if there are many staff members working in an large organization to handle tickets, still there is a possibility of confusion to be aroused among them. At times it can also happen that each staff member will think differently and come with different point of views. Every time you cannot follow the saying of Ritu Ghatourey “As you change your point of view, your views bring about a change in you!”

In order to cope up with this problem there is another Decision maker tool of Vision Helpdesk: Workflow! It is possible to automate the tickets work using the rule based criteria. And based on this the system should take the particular action on matching the specific criteria conditions. This automated task can be done through the Workflow.

Vision Help Desk Software - Workflow

Workflow Settings – Event Selection, Setting Criteria, Action

Event Selection for Workflow

Whenever the event is occurred the criteria is checked, and based on this matched criteria the action is performed.

Workflow Events
Workflow criteria

Setting Criteria for Workflow

Criteria are considered as a conditions and based on condition match the action is performed.

Workflow Action

It decides the action to be taken on the ticket when the above criteria are matched.

Workflow Action
Features of Workflow:

  • Time is saved: The time of the staff members is saved as the action is performed for the particular tickets automatically. Based on the event occurred then the criteria is checked and the action is performed.
  • Reduces the work: The task and the work of the staff member is also reduced due to this automated ticket flow.
  • Desired Action performed: Workflow is based on the event occurred and the criteria checked the action is performed; hence there is uniformity in the action performed.

Thus Workflow acts as the decision maker in an organization. So the staff members not need to worry about the action to be performed for the tickets.
We have the Decision maker tool: Workflow!!!


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