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Multi Channel Help Desk

Using Different Channels for the ticket creation.. Not an issue for us. We know how to manage them under single roof!

As the time has changed, the customers no longer stick to the single channel to get their queries resolved. The customers are present everywhere and they make use of different channels and social media such as Facebook, Twitter. In order to reach out to the customers and to know their needs it is the time that the support team should show their presence everywhere. We cannot compel the customers to make use of single channel whenever they are facing any problem. They are free to make use of different channels to put forth their problems or issues. Rather the staff members should find a way to sort all the queries raised by the customers using different channels. And all the customers would be satisfied when their queries get resolved no matter which channel they have used. In short, different channels should not be a barrier in resolving various queries of the customers. They have their own choices to use different channels. Here we remember the saying of Wayne Dyer, “Our lives are a sum total of the choices we have made!”

As every coin has two sides in the same way, we should find a way using which we are able to manage different channels at one place. Is there any way we can manage all these channels at one place? Here comes the most important feature of Vision Helpdesk: Multichannel!

All In One Help Desk Software - Vision Helpdesk

Multi-Channel Help Desk

Email Integration

Ticket creation using web interface and Email Parsing. Fetch emails using email piping, POP3, IMAP, POP3 SSL, IMAP SSL.

Social Media Integration

Your customers are talking about you – Engage and convert Tweets and Facebook posts into Tickets in Vision Helpdesk.

Chat Integration

Integrate with any third party chat software and convert your chats into Tickets in Vision Helpdesk.

Phone Integration

Integrate with any third party VOIP and Phone solutions and convert your phone calls into Tickets in Vision Helpdesk.


The ALL IN ONE customer support helpdesk allows you to manage various channels like E-MAIL, WEB PORTAL, TWITTER, FACEBOOK, PHONE CALLS everything under single roof.


Some of the main advantages of having Multi-channel feature:

  • Freedom of the customer: Customers have the freedom to put forth their issues using the different channels. Channel is not a barrier for them!
  • Healthy communication: As the customers make use of different channels to resolve their queries, so there is a better and healthy communication that takes between both the customers and the staff members.
  • Ticket Conversion: There is integration between the different channels, and they get converted to tickets. Thus easing the work!

Convenient: As various channels like e-mail, web portal, twitter, facebook, phone and chat everything is managed under single roof, thus it is very convenient.


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