Blabby : Staff Collaboration

Staff Collaboration Made Simple With Blabby

Blabby is staff collaboration tool that helps your team mates to do a group and private discussion, collaborate on issues, share files, videos and more.

Blabby - Staff Collaboration, Staff Chat Tool

Private Chat, Share Knowledge, Files, Presentation & Videos

Blabby is the staff collaboration tool for the staff members in an organisation to communicate among themselves. It brings all the staff members together to share knowledge, files, presentation, videos and collaborate on various ticket issues.

Effective communication among the members of the staff helps in achieving the organisational goals. Thus Blabby brings your staff members together and working together is a real fun!

Staff Private Chat Software

HipChat Or Slack Like Features

Trending Topics

Users can add #hash tags in their blab post and thus everyone can see what is trending topic

Single or Group Discussion

A blab can be personalized with limited staff or it can be shared with all staff members.

File Sharing

Share video, images and other files with one click

Blab Notification

Get instant new blab and comments notification

Knowledge Sharing

Be a help for other staff members share knowledge


Blabs remain inside your organization thus sharing private info is secured

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