Knowledge Base & Community Forums

Help Desk Knowledge Base & Solutions Management

setup multi level categorised self service portal and save customers as well as your time from answering repetitive questions.

Help Desk Knowledge Base

Help Desk Knowledge Base Articles, Downloads, Q&A Management

setup up internal as well as external customer facing knowledge-base, manage file downloads, help articles and more.

Help Desk Solutions Management Software

Knowledge-base Management

Create multi level categorized knowledge base

Download Management

Create downloads attach files and allow login clients to access download files.

Question and Answer

Setup question and answer portal where customers can post questions and others can respond to it.

Staff knowledge-base

Setup internal knowledge-base which can be used by staff members.

Help Desk Knowledge Base Features

Multi Level Category

Categorize your articles in a structured way

Comment Moderation

The staff member can decide whether to allow comments for the articles. The comments can be approved or disapproved.

Featured Articles

Featured articles appear on top of all categories – It gives the proper exposure to the article.

Knowledge-base Suggestion for Client

Whenever a ticket is submitted by the client, then the list of knowledgebase articles related to their subject are displayed. Thus the customer can decide whether their question is being answered or they should proceed further with their ticket submission.

Knowledge-base Search on Client Portal

Global knowledge-base search option available on customer portal

Article Rating

It allows the customers to rate the articles put forth by the staff members. Thus the staff members get to know what customer think about their articles.

Control article visibility

Define who can view articles, It can be visible to everybody, logged in clients or only to the staff members.

Attachment Support

Add files along with your article

Knowledge-base Suggestion for Staff

While solving tickets staff members can search KB right from tickets and include articles in ticket reply. Thus, increases staff productivity and saves time.

User friendly knowledgebase URLs

Create user friendly and SEO optimized knowledge-base articles

Community Forums

With community forums your end users can raise topics and run discussion with other users, staff members can moderate the topics and approve or disapprove the comments on forums.

Community Forums - Help Desk Software

Community Forums

Create multi level categorised Forums

Forum Access Control

Define access rights for customers

Approve or Disapprove Topics

Staff can approve or disapprove forum topics or end user comments to topics.

Internal & External Forums

Internal forums are mainly for staff users and external forums for end users.

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