Help Desk Reports & Analytics

Powerful Help Desk Reporting Tool

Measure and analyse the metrics of an organisation, ticketing reports, staff performance, customer reports and more with powerful help desk reporting tool.

Help Desk Reports module offers several in built data reports metrics and graphical reports to help you make decisions.

Help Desk Reports

Custom Reports and Schedule Reports

help desk reports module offers 100 plus pre defined reports available module wise, you can also define custom reports for MSP or schedule reports in advance.

Staff Work Report

Gives you list of complete activity of staff agent in given time period.

Ticket Response Report

Department wise tickets and their average response time required by staff members

Client Report

Check which customer sends more tickets.

Ticket Rating Report

Department wise pull ticket list and see how customers have rated your staff answers.

Time Tracking per department

Pull list of tickets under one department which has time tracking entries added by staff agents.

Graphical Staff SLA Report

Shows all staff members and their percentage SLA maintained for a give time period.

Graphical Department statistics

See tickets stats comparison department wise

Client Organization tickets

Tickets list by client organization

Department SLA Report

Shows you list of all tickets with their SLA maintained or violated under particular help desk department.

Staff Performance Report

Check staff’s average response and resolution times for solving tickets.

Client wise SLA Report

Pick a client and see how staff have maintained SLA response and resolution time for their tickets.

Time Tracking per staff

Check a list of time tracking entries added by a staff on tickets for given period.

Time Tracking per ticket

Get summation of time spent by staff members on a ticket.

Top Performer

Gives you comparison of staff’s performance

Channel wise tickets

Gives you channel wise tickets flow in your system

Billing Report

Gives you customers list with their invoices report

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