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What is a Service Desk Software?

A service desk software can do everything that a help desk software does while also enabling the planning, structuring and delivery of IT services at the same time, rather than simply reacting to incidents.

Similar to help desk software, a service desk is also a single point of contact, but in this case it serves as such for end-users as well as for IT service providers.

Rather being singularly focused on meeting the needs of end users, a service desk also aims to meet IT objectives as well as to manage and improve service processes. As such both end-user to IT communications and internal IT communications take place through a service desk.

Purpose of Service Desk Software?

The purpose of service desk software or IT help desk is to automate as many of the common functions of a service desk as possible in order to streamline those processes.

These might include problem management, change management, Asset/ CMDB – configuration management, release management, security management, service level management and availability management.

The standardised ITIL framework helps the service desk software to best meet the base needs of a business through service strategy, improvement, design and delivery.

Vision Helpdesk’s – Service Desk Software

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ITIL/ ITSM Service Desk Software

CMDB/Asset Management

keep track of IT assets right from procurement, maintenance, depreciation to disposal with IT help desk

CMDB / Asset Management - Service Desk Software

Asset Management Modules

Incident Management

Incidents are the result of service failures or interruption in service desk software. Incident management term describes the activities of an organisation to identify, analyse, and correct hazards to prevent a future re-occurrence.

Service Desk Software - Incident Management

Incident Management Process


detect or report the incident


prioritized the incident for better utilization of the resources and the support staff time

Investigation and Diagnosis

if no existing solution from the past could be found the incident is investigated and root cause found


register the incident in an ICM system


reveal the full symptom of the incident

Resolution and Recovery

once the solution is found the incident is resolved


the incident is categorized by priority, SLA etc.


should the support staff need support from other organizational units

Incident closure

the registry entry of the incident in the ICM system is closed by providing the end-status of the incident

Other Modules of Service Desk Software

Problem Management

Problem Management - Service Desk Software

Problem management module in service desk software aims to resolve the root causes of incidents and thus to minimize the adverse impact of incidents and problems on business that are caused by errors within the IT infrastructure, and to prevent recurrence of incidents related to these errors.

Change Management

Change Management - Service Desk Software

The objective of change management module in it help desk service desk in this context is to ensure that standardised methods and procedures are used for efficient and prompt handling of all changes to control IT infrastructure, in order to minimize the number and impact of any related incidents upon service.

Release Management

Release Management - Service Desk Software

Release Management module in service desk software encompasses the planning, design, build, configuration and testing of hardware and software releases to create a defined set of release components.

Knowledge-base Management

setup multi level categorised self service portal with it help desk and save customers as well as your time from answering repetitive questions.

Knowledge-base Management - Service Desk Software IT Help Desk


Create multi level categorized knowledge base

Question and Answer

Setup question and answer portal where customers can post questions and others can respond to it.

Download Management

Create downloads attach files and allow login clients to access download files.

Staff knowledge-base

Setup internal knowledge-base which can be used by staff members.

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