Help Desk Automation

Help Desk Automation with Workflow Rules

Define workflow rules based on various events and criteria, decide actions your workflow rule should take on matching criteria.

Help Desk Automation

Stop spending time on repetitive tasks

No one can make prediction for the number of tickets that would be received on a particular day. Every time it becomes very difficult to keep the track of every ticket. It really becomes very difficult and tedious to decide what action should be performed on a particular ticket. Even though if there are many staff members working in an large organisation to handle tickets, still there is a possibility of confusion to be aroused among them.

In order to cope up with this problem there is another decision maker tool of Vision Helpdesk: Help Desk Automation – Workflow Rules! It is possible to automate the tickets flow using the rule based criteria. Based on this the system should take the particular action on matching the specific criteria conditions. This automated task can be done through the Workflow.

Workflow Rules, Round Robin and Staff Alerts

Workflow Rules & Round Robin Rules

Apply SLA Rules

Setup workflow rule to apply SLA rule to a ticket based on criteria.

Ticket Dispatcher

When a new ticket comes in define the landing department and staff that should be assigned.

Change Ticket Properties

Modify ticket properties based on certain criteria and conditions

Round Robin Rules

It allows you to define auto ticket assignment based on round robin method

Ticket Escalation

Define what actions system should take up if SLA is not maintained

Tickets Auto close

Setup auto close staff replied tickets after certain time if no client response is received.

Notify Clients

Create custom email templates and send them to end users using workflow rules based on certain criteria.

Staff Alerts

Set alert email notifications for staff agents based on certain conditions or events.

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