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Workflow Automation Management & Case Studies – On Thursday 25th October 2018

Keeping your customers happy and satisfied is very important to increase your number of loyal customers. As your customers increase it becomes difficult to handle them using conventional customer service methods. Here the use of automation in customer service will help you to improve efficiency and reduce issue resolution time. Workflow Module is where the automation rules are defined in Vision Helpdesk.

To help you understand how automation can help you in your business, we shall be covering some of the most used workflow automation rules in the customer service industry, ranging from the simple ones to the complex ones.

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Adolf Hillary Thopil

Customer Service Manager
Contact : sales@visionhelpdesk.com
Skype : vision.helpdesk

Incident Management Part1

  • How to define the easy to use Incident Properties.
  • Setting up the Incident Management Views
  • New Incident creation process
  • Managing the Operations within an incident
  • Search and Advance Search/creating custom filters
  • Setting up the Email queue and SMTP Management

Incident Management Part2

  • What is Help Desk SLA – Service Level Agreements?
  • Adding Schedules and SLA’s
  • Configuring the Workflow & Escalations rules
  • Setting up Staff Alerts and Notifications
  • Defining the Round Robin rules – Ticket auto assignment

Incident Management Part3

  • Help desk Time Tracking / Time based billing for Incident Management.
  • Scheduling Incidents
  • Macro Rules
  • Custom Email Templates

Staff & Client Management & Help Desk Gamification

  • Managing Organisations
  • Managing Clients
  • Managing Sub Contacts
  • Staff Management
  • Team Management
  • Staff Role Management
  • Admin Access Rights
  • Help Desk Gamification

Knowledge-base, Forums, Tasks, Blabs and Drive

  • Solutions / Knowledge base
  • Community Forums
  • Task Management
  • Blabs (Staff Collaboration)
  • Drive File Management

Help Desk Billing Management – Time & Ticket Based Billing

  • Types of Billing – Prepaid and Postpaid
  • Incident based and Time based.
  • Automation in the Billing Process.
  • Managing the Billing related settings.
  • Configuring the payment gateways and taxation rules.

ITIL Problem Management

  • What is Problem Management?
  • How can a staff add a new Problem request?
  • Inside of a Problem request.
  • Stages in solving a Problem request.
  • Linking a Problem with CI, Incident, Change, Task.
  • ITIL Automation for Problem Management.
  • Customised Reports for Problem Management.

ITIL Change Management

  • What is Change Management?
  • How can a staff add a Change request?
  • Inside of a Change request.
  • Stages in solving a Change request.
  • Linking a Change with CI, Incident, Problem, Task.
  • Using the Dashboard and Calendar for Change Management.
  • ITIL Automation for Change Management.
  • Customised Reports for Change Management.

ITIL Release Management

  • What is Release Management?
  • How to add a Release Request?
  • Inside of a Release request.
  • Using the Dashboard and Calendar for Release Management.
  • ITIL Automation for Release Management.
  • Customised Reports for Release Management.

ITIL Service Catalog Management

  • What is Service Catalog Management?
  • How to add a Service Category and Service Item.
  • Service Catalog on the Client Portal.
  • Service Request overview on the Dashboard
  • Service Request as an Incident
  • Customised Reports for Service Request

Incoming & Outgoing SMTP Email Management

  • Incoming emails configuration (POP3/IMAP/Email Piping)
  • Outgoing emails /SMTP setup
  • Break lines for emails.
  • Email templates and their mapping
  • Use of email templates in automation and notification
  • Email logs

Satellite / Multi Company Help Desk

  • Why use the Satellite Help Desk?
  • Manage Multiple Brands using a single tool.
  • Create multiple and distinct client portals to segregate your brands.
  • Set the Roles and grant access to your staff as per the brands or departments.
  • Multiple ways to configure the Satellite Desk.
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