Secure Help Desk Software

Help Desk Security & Reliability

With help desk security features you can have a secure help desk software and focus on offering exceptional customer support.

Secure help desk mainly consists of features like SSL encryption of help desk url, IP restriction for staff login, password encryption, password strength checker, two-factor authentication and more.

Securing help desk and customers data is our top priority – Along with application security we also apply security measures at different levels – Data Center, Network and Storage Levels, thus making sure our customers data is secure from all sort of threats.

Secure Help Desk Software

Help Desk Security Features

IP Restriction

Restrict staff access to specific ip or range of ips.

Two Factor Authentication

Validate your customers using two factor authentication

Password Encryption

Password stored in database are encrypted

Email Signing (DKIM/DMARC)

You can secure your out going emails using DKIM and DMARC

Access Privileges & Roles Access

Access Privileges & Roles Access to data within your Vision Helpdesk is governed by access rights, and can be configured to define granular access privileges.

Dynamic Vulnerability Scanning

We employ a number of third-party, qualified security tools to continuously scan our application.

Wildcard SSL with SaaS License

SaaS License comes with wild card SSL enabled.

Password Strength

Setup password strength percentage for customer and staff passwords.

Script security

Script is audited with every release in order to avoid any sort of mysql injection, cross script or malicious activities.

Email SPF rules

You can choose to setup SPF records for your outgoing emails to make sure your emails are delivered to customers inbox.

Static Code Analysis

Our source code repositories, for both our platform and mobile applications, are continuously scanned for security issues via our integrated static analysis tooling.

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