Help Desk Gamification

What is Help Desk Gamification?

Help Desk Gamification feature is mainly useful to improve help desk staff performance. The feature allows you to set up achievement levels. quests and goals that helps staff to achieve targets and goals while woking as a team.

Help Desk Gamification

Increase Staff Performance With Help Desk Gamification

Gamify help desk platform by setting up agent achievement levels. Add quests  create goals to make your staff members work together for common goal thus creating fun and healthy competition.

Your help desk becomes more productive, and your customers get timely resolution by happy agents.

Gamify Help Desk – Set Quests, Achievement Levels & Goals

Achievement levels

Setup custom achievement levels for staff agents

Multiple Quests

Add different quests with various badges

Badge on Staff Profile

Show achievements badges on staff profile


Display staff levels and their achievements on reports

Quest Report

Track winners of quests and who is leading with exact reports

Customer Support Articles & Tips

Tips To Increase Help Desk Staff Performance

improve staff performance

For a company that provides a support service to another company, your biggest asset is always your staff. Your employees are the people that will be the first point of contact and the global representatives of your service so you need to ensure they are skilled & motivated.

customer support team motivation

Customer service is never an easy job, especially if agents have to handle irate customers throughout the day. That’s why it is important to hire exceptional staff that enjoy working with others and helping people.

6 Ways to Ensure Your Customer Service Department is Effective

Gamify Help Desk Software

We all now how important customer service is to the success of a business. In fact, many of the most beloved companies out there owe their success in large part to the quality of their customer service.

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