Change Management

What is Change Management?

Change management in ITIL is a process designed to understand and minimize risks while making IT changes to configuration items (CI) or Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

Any business has below two main expectations of the services provided by IT –

  • The services should be stable, reliable, and predictable.
  • The services should be able to change rapidly to meet evolving business requirements.

The objective of change management is to enable IT service management to meet both expectations – to enable rapid change while minimizing the possibility of disruption to services.

A change is an event that is:

  • approved by management
  • implemented with a minimised and accepted risk to existing IT infrastructure
  • results in a new status of one or more configuration items (CIs)
  • provides increased value to the business (increased revenue, avoided cost, or improved service) from the use of the new or enhanced IT systems.
Change Management

ITIL Change Management Process

Change management process includes of the raising and logging of changes, analysing the impact, cost, benefit and risk of proposed changes, developing business justification and obtaining approval, managing and co-ordinating change implementation, monitoring and reporting on implementation, reviewing and closing change requests.

ITIL Change Management Process

Logging and Filtering Change

Creating change request and filtering it with priority, status and department.

Managing changes

Tracking change requests and change process

Change Approval

Requesting change approval from Change Advisory Board (CAB).

Review and Close Request

Reviewing and closing of requests for change (RFCs)

Change Reporting

Management reporting and providing management information.

Change Management Features

CAB and change approval

Create change advisory board and allow change approvals.

Link CI with change request

Attach CI to a change request and keep track of CIs affected.

Associate Release

Link release request with change request

Link change with Incidents.

Link change with incidents. Jump to and fro between incident and changes.

Link Incidents to a change request

Link all incidents to specified change request.

Department wise

Log change requests department wise.

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