CMDB – Configuration Management Database

CMBD – Configuration Management Database – is a central repository or database that contains all relevant information about each configuration item (CI) including the CI location, status, and also its interconnectivity with other configuration items.

The CMDB is also used to consolidate disparate data sets and be a current and accurate source of information about data within an organisations IT environment.

CMDBs capture attributes of the CIs, including CI importance, CI ownership and CI identification code. A CMDB also provides details about the relationships (dependencies) between CIs, which is a powerful tool if used correctly.

As a business enters more CIs into the system, the CMDB becomes a stronger resource to predict changes within the organisation. For example, if an outage occurs, IT can understand through the CI data who or which systems will be affected.

CMDBs can be used for many things, including but not limited to business intelligence, software and hardware builds, as an inventory, and impact analysis for both change management and incident management.

CMDB - Configuration Management Database

CMDB Features

Multi Level CI Type

Create multi level CI type categorize and add CI to them

Search CI's

Search CI items with few clicks

Custom Fields

Create custom fields for CI items.

Central source of reference

All CI’s and managed and tracked centrally and referenced into different ITIL modules.

Location Support

Manage CI items from different locations at one place.

Associate CI

Associate CI with Incident, Problem, Change and Release.

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