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What is Customer Support Software?

A customer support software is a central ticketing system that allows customers to contact company using different channels like Web form’s, Email, Chat, Facebook, Twitter and the company can manage all those communications at central location and keep track of all customer issues.

Let’s say a company offers some services to their customers and their customers contact the company for some service related questions or issues they are facing. In such case the company would require advance tool like customer support software.

Help Desk Software

A help desk software or ticketing system is mainly focused on meeting the needs of the end-user. It’s aim is to manage and resolve issues, or incidents, by acting as a bridge between end users and support staff in order to keep operations running as smoothly as possible.

If customers face an unexpected problem, they report or log an issue into the help desk software or ticketing system. The staff members can further track the issue and reply to the customer and eventually resolved it. In addition to creating and tracking tickets, a help desk software can offer access to a solutions or knowledge base and reporting options.

Customer Support Software : Help Desk Software

Satellite Help Desk Software

Vision Helpdesk offers unique Satellite help desk product to manage customer support or IT service desk functionality for organisations having multiple companies, brands or products at one place with single centralised portal and each company or brand having its own branded client portal.

Customer Support Software : Satellite Help Desk Software

Service Desk Software

A service desk software can do almost everything that a help desk software or ticketing system does while also enabling the control over different aspects of IT, i.e planning, structuring and delivery of IT services, rather than simply resolving tickets or issues.

A service desk software is more like an enterprise software that is capable of handling end-user customer support as well as managing internal IT support and IT services like CMDB/ Asset Management, Problem, Change, Release, Service Request and more. It also helps to meet IT objectives and improve service processes.

Customer Support Software : Service Desk Software

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