Support Policy

Support Policy


JPK Software’s will establish and maintain an organization and process to provide customer support for the Vision Helpdesk Software. The JPK Software Support Service Agreement is based on the terms and conditions of the Vision Helpdesk EULA, and does not replace them in any way.

Content of Vision Helpdesk Technical Support

  1. Vision Helpdesk team will work to diagnose problems and performance deficiencies of the Vision Helpdesk Software that will be reported by Vision Helpdesk clients.
  2. Vision Helpdesk team will exert its best effort to cure such reported and reproducible errors in the Software.
  3. Vision Helpdesk team will provide E-mail and Online Chat support on a business day basis. Business days are defined as Monday to Saturday 24 hrs a day.
  4. Vision Helpdesk team will offer 24×7 server monitoring and server related issue support for SaaS license customers.

Vision Helpdesk Standard Support SLA Chart

SeverityIssue TypeSupport HoursResponse TimeSubmission Method
CriticalService not accessible e,g. Server Down. (SaaS products)24×72 HoursEmail / Live Chat
HighSoftware Related – Partial Service Interruption 24 hrs a day Monday – Saturday12 HoursEmail / Live Chat
MediumSoftware Related – Non Critical24 hrs a day Monday – Saturday24 HoursEmail
LowSoftware Related24 hrs a day Monday – Saturday48 HoursEmail

Severity Levels

Critical: Whole System outage of a production server product. Complete inability to service client requests

High: Vision Helpdesk operations can continue in a restricted fashion, although long-term productivity might be adversely affected.

Medium: Partial, non-critical loss of Vision Helpdesk functionality. Impaired operations of some components, but allows the user to continue using Vision Helpdesk.

Not all Severity Medium problems will require a workaround. Vision Helpdesk team may, in its reasonable discretion, respond to a Severity Medium problem by making the Error a feature request and downgrade the severity.

Low: General usage questions or product feature requests. Product feature requests will be tracked in order to provide updates to customers, but do not have a response SLA associated with them.

Submission Notes/ Requirements:

  • The web interface at is the method for submitting tickets to the Vision Helpdesk support team.
  • From this interface, Customers may submit any severity level ticket, as well as view previously submitted tickets.
  • Service requester must have knowledge about the technical details associated with the service request; Vision Helpdesk will classify all tickets as severity Low by default.

 Software Issue Report

Following a report made by a Vision Helpdesk customer, the Vision Helpdesk team will contact the reporter within one business day, in order to obtain required information. Normally, initial contact times will be much shorter than a complete working day.

The Support team will attempt to reproduce the issue in house. During this process, the customer will be obliged to make his best effort to accommodate the support team’s request for data.

Vision Helpdesk team will categorize the customer’s request as either a feature request or a certified bug, and will proceed accordingly:      

Bug Handling

If the issue is reproduced, the Support team will try to provide a workaround or an alternative solution while collaborating with the Vision Helpdesk Development team to fix the issue.

The Support team will keep the customer updated on the progress of the bug-fix process. 

Feature Request Handling

The Vision Helpdesk Support team will check if the required functionality does exists in the software and if it does, will instruct the customer on how to implement it.

If otherwise, the Vision Helpdesk Support team will attempt to provide a workaround or an alternative approach to the customer’s requirement.

Vision Helpdesk Product management will decide whether, when and how such requested features are to be integrated within Vision Helpdesk, based on the available resources, business requirements and road-map.

Implementation of additional or enhanced functionality will be communicated via the usual Vision Helpdesk communication channels, e.g. the Vision Helpdesk Blog, and website.

Vision Helpdesk provides custom development services for feature requests. Such development will not be covered by Vision Helpdesk Technical support agreement.

Escalation Procedure

At Vision Helpdesk we pride ourselves on delivering world-class support to our customers. When a ticket is submitted to our support staff, our highly skilled and trained Vision Helpdesk experts will work to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. If for some reason you are not satisfied with your support experience or do not think we are meeting the SLA criteria above, please escalate your concern to

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