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Customer Engagement & Real-Time Customer Support

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Enhance Support Team Productivity

Live chat software enhances your customer support team productivity by giving them the ability to deliver real-time quick and reliable support to your customers.

Engage Website Visitors

It helps your sales team to engage website visitors by initiating chat request and guiding them through the right information they are looking on your website, thus converting the visitors into paying customers.

Powerful Automation

The live chat software is powered by powerful automation and chat routing workflow rules that make the software more efficient and helps in saving the resources of the organization.

Satellite / Multi-Company Live Chat Software

Satellite live chat software gives you ability to manage customer support live chats for multiple companies / brands / products at one place.

Usage Scenario

Multiple Companies or Websites

If you run multiple companies or websites and wanted to offer live chat customer support for all your companies through central place.

Multiple Brands or Products

If you run single company but offer multiple products and wanted to have separate branded live chat for each product.

End User Support

If you wanted to offer end user support (that is offering support to your customers end users)

Live Chat Automation
Live Chat Automation

Live Chat Automation

powered by simple to use criteria-based workflow, escalations, and round-robin rules that help you to automate live chat software.

Auto Assign Chat

Setup rules to route chat to either team or an individual live chat agent

Round Robin Rules

You can have a sequential and equal distribution of chats among your staff.

Notify Clients

Create custom email templates and send them to end users using workflow rules based on certain criteria.

Chat Escalation

Define rule to auto escalate chat based on certain criteria

Forward Message Templates

Engage visitors by forwarding right message to visitors on different website pages.

Chat Rating

Setup rule to ask for chat rating on chat closure.

Live Chat Automation

Let Virtual Agent Do The Work..

Virtual Agent is beneficial to filter your chat traffic – It can help visitors by answering their frequently asked questions and redirect to actual staff as and when visitors wish to chat to the actual staff.

Must Have Live Chat Features

track time spent on tickets by helpdesk staff and bill your customers based on time and per ticket.

Canned Response - Live Chat

Canned Responses

We offer a canned response feature that empowers live chat agents to quickly search through knowledgebase and offer quick support to your customers with a single click.

Live Chat Widget

Chat Widgets

You can completely customize the chat widget to match your website theme and design. Change the logo, theme colours, greeting messages and more.

Live Chat Reports

Live Chat Reports

Reports and Analytics are available to get a quick overview of the Live Chats, Staff Productivity Reports, Customer Chat Ratings, and more..

Secure, Reliable & Quick Messaging Platform

we offer a wide list of live chat software features that will help you achieve your customer service goals, enhance staff productivity & increase sales

Browser Based

Browser based software, that can be accessed from any browser in a mobile, laptop, desktop, etc

Staff Role Segregation

The staff can be granted roles and permissions in the Live Chat as per the assigned roleand access requirement.

Chat History

During a Live Chat, the staff has access to the previous chats of the client, to quickly refer and understand the issue.

Integrated Help Desk

Complete package of help desk and live chat features.

Ratings and Reviews

Your customers can rate the support provided by the staff over the chat.

Custom Messages

Customize messages that you wish to display various pages when visitors visits your website.

Privacy Policy and GDPR

We also offer the option to display the Privacy Policy and GDPR Compliance for a Live Chat.


The staff can fetch the details from Solutions / Knowledgebase while communicating with the client over Live Chat.

Chat to Ticket

At the end of the chat, the chat conversation is converted to a ticket. Thereby helping in record keeping

Chat Transfer

Enjoy a seamless chat transfer across different departments in an organization, thereby saving time and preventing the client from initiating a new chat.

View chat Invisibly

This can be used by Managers and Management, to monitor the employee’s chats.

Share Attachments

Attachments of maximum types and formats can be added by the staff or client in the Live Chat.

Customizable Pre-chat Forms

You can gather additional data as required using the Pre Chat fields. Also you have the option to skip the Prechat form and start the chat.

Trusted Domains

Here you can define the list of trusted domains or websites on which you want to run the Live Chat.

Time Tracking

You can get the actual time your staff spent on a Live Chat calculated automatically.

Append Chat to Existing Ticket

At the end of the chat, the staff would get the option to append the chat conversation to an existing ticket.

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