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multi channel customer support ticket management software

Multi Channel

Convert email, phone, chat social media, and web requests into tickets and keep them organized.







Multi Channels

Automate Your Help Desk

Automate tickets flow, define actions based on events and criteria

  • Workflow

    Automate your tickets workflow using rule based criteria and decide what action system should take on matching specific criteria conditions.

  • SLA & Escalation

    Setup business hours, create multiple SLA and multi level escalation rules to offer timely response and resolution to your customers.

  • Notification

    Create alert rules based on events and ticket related criteria, get notified to your personal email account.

  • Macros

    Automate multiple ticket operations (changing status, department, priority and other ticket properties) with one click.

Make Work More Fun and Increase Productivity

Increase your team’s engagement and productivity


Private social hub for your staff agents to communicate, share knowledge, files, presentations, collaborate on ticket issues. Staff conversations remains within company thus offering privacy and data safety.


Gamify your help desk platform by setting up agent achievement levels and quests.  Your help desk becomes more productive, and your customers get timely resolution by happy agents.

Task Management

Get your project tasks done in simplified manner by creating, tracking and assigning tasks to multiple staff agents within seconds. Staff can post comments on task pages and creator gets notified on task progress.

Offer Paid Customer Support

track time spent on tickets and bill your customers.

Ticket based billing

set per ticket billing rate per department and charge your customers for per ticket

Time based billing

set per minute, per hour billing rate per department and charge your customers for per time spent

Tax rules

create single level tax rules

Create packages

offer amount or ticket credit to customers using billing packages

Time tracking

track work and billable time

Payment gateway

collect payment using paypal, authorize and stripe gateway

Billing reports

client wise and department wise billing analysis

Mobile Apps

Vision Helpdesk native mobile apps allows your staff agents to access or solve tickets even while they are on move. The mobile apps offers ticket management and client management.

Self Service Customer Portal

simplified tool to create awesome self service experience for your brand

Responsive design

customer portal is optimized to be used on all devices


customers can submit new or track their existing tickets

Solutions or Knowledgebase

offer knowledgebase, download, suggestion and question and answer section for customers.

SEO Optimized KB articles

user friendly knowledgebase urls to improve search engine visibility

Survey, Rating and Feedback

take survey, rate tickets and submit feedback comments to each ticket.

Knowledgebase suggestion

auto knowledgebase article suggestion while ticket submission

Profile and Sub contacts

manage profile, create sub contacts and provide them access to tickets.

Social Media Login Support

customers can login with their Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin accounts

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