Multi Channel Help Desk

What is Multi Channel Help Desk?

Vision Helpdesk’s multi channel help desk feature allows you to manage customer communication across different channels.

Customers can create tickets using Email, Phone, Chat, Facebook, Twitter and Web requests into tickets and keep them organised at central place.







Multi Channel Help Desk Software

Email Integration

Ticket creation using web interface and email parsing. fetch emails using email piping, POP3, IMAP, POP3 SSL, IMAP SSL, POP3 TLS, IMAP TLS

Facebook Integration

Engage and convert your companies facebook page posts into tickets in Vision Helpdesk.

Twitter Integration

Just like Facebook, Twitter too hosts a large community and if your brand is available on twitter it makes sense to convert visitor tweets in to tickets.

Chat Integration

Integrate with any third party chat software and convert your chats into help desk tickets in Vision Helpdesk.

Phone Integration

Integrate with any third party VOIP and phone solutions and convert your phone calls into tickets in Vision Helpdesk.

Multi Channel Help Desk Articles & Insights

Improving Efficiency with a Multi Channel Help Desk

multi channel help desk

One of the biggest expenses businesses have is customer service. In order to keep customers satisfied, they need to make an active effort to listen to them. This means hiring a team of dedicated personnel that can help tackle any existing or potential problem a customer can encounter.

social media help desk software

Customer service is a lot harder than most people think, especially when social media is involved. Everyday, people take to Twitter to voice their complaints and give companies feedback.

How To Handle Customer Support in Multiple Channels

multi channel ticketing system

Customer service requests have grown a lot in recent years. The way with customers interact with customer support agents gets more and more interesting year by year. In olden days, there were one or two channels to communicate.

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