a brief history about vision helpdesk

JPK Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a privately held debt free company located in Nashik, Maharashtra, India. We service various IT sectors and provide professional services to clients across the globe. Started in 2005 as a Web Hosting Technical Support Company under website — THINKSUPPORT.NET

In 2007 we started Software Development wing with our flagship product help desk software – we named it as VISION HELPDESK. Vision Helpdesk product is 11 years young, Trusted by 15000+ companies. During those 11 years Vision Helpdesk has greatly evolved, We started with simple ticketing tool and now we offer three products to manage customer support for small to enterprise level business.

  • Help Desk Software (Multi Channel Help Desk)
  • Satellite Help Desk (Multi Company Help Desk)
  • IT Service Desk (ITIL/ITSM Help Desk)

Vision Helpdesk is pioneer in Satellite help desk feature – the only help desk that allows you to manage support for multiple companies / brands / products at one centralized location.

We believe through Vision Helpdesk we will be able to deliver all possible features that will simplify your day to day customer interaction and will give you a perfect control over the information flow in your organization.

Timeline : Our Story

11 years young and growing..

5th version released

  • Architecture Change & SaaS Platform Change
  • Design Architecture Change - Mobile Friendly Fully Responsive
  • Intuitive Design
  • Update Speed Enhancement
  • Feature Enhancement
  • ITIL / ITSM Compliant - PinkVerified Service Desk
v5 released 2018

15,000+ happy customers

15,000+ happy customers 2018

VisionHelpdesk-PinkVerify™ 2011

PinkVerify Vision Helpdesk 2018

Vision Helpdesk ISO Certification

Vision Helpdesk ISO 27001:2013 Certification 2018

Meet our team

35 members team 2017

4th version released

We have released three customer support tools.

  1. Multi Channel Help Desk Software
  2. Multi Company Help Desk Software
  3. ITIL / ITSM Service Desk Software
v4 released 2015

5,000+ happy customers

5,000+ happy customers 2013

3rd version released

We introduced new architecture which was scalable and secure, It was a foundation for future versions.

third released 2012

Meet our team

25 members team 2011

2000 happy customers

2000 happy customers 2010

2nd version released

Though we offered several advance features in V1, We knew there is lot more to offer.

second released 2009

We got our 1st paid customer

Thank you, Steve Winnacott (Datasyrge Internet Services) for trusting us.


1st version released

For the first time Vision Helpdesk made its first public appearance.


Vision Helpdesk idea was born

Vision Helpdesk is first to offer Satellite Help Desk software that helps to manage support for multiple companies at one place.


Trusted by 15000+ companies

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