Service Desk Features

Incident Management

incidents are the result of service failures or interruption. incident management term describes the activities of an organization to identify, analyze, and correct hazards to prevent a future re-occurrence.

Multi Channels

Incident Management Process

  • Identification – detect or report the incident
  • Prioritization – prioritized the incident for better utilization of the resources and the support staff time
  • Investigation and Diagnosis – if no existing solution from the past could be found the incident is investigated and root cause found
  • Registration – register the incident in an ICM system
  • Diagnosis – reveal the full symptom of the incident
  • Resolution and Recovery – once the solution is found the incident is resolved
  • Categorization – the incident is categorized by priority, SLA etc.
  • Escalation – should the support staff need support from other organizational units
  • Incident closure – the registry entry of the incident in the ICM system is closed by providing the end-status of the incident

Organize, Categorize and Prioritize Incidents

Tree Structure

Categorize tickets with tree structure for company, department and tickets status

Ticket Listing Views

Create custom ticket listing views, see only columns that are important for you.

Flags, Labels and Tags

Separate out important tickets using flags, labels or tags

Advance Search

Search your tickets database with different crietria get exact result that you are looking for.

Custom Filters

Create one click filters for search results and use it any time later.

Automate Your Service Desk

Automate tickets flow, define actions based on events and criteria

  • Workflow

    Automate your tickets workflow using rule based criteria and decide what action system should take on matching specific criteria conditions.

  • SLA & Escalation

    Setup business hours, create multiple SLA and multi level escalation rules to offer timely response and resolution to your customers.

  • Notification

    Create alert rules based on events and ticket related criteria, get notified to your personal email account.

  • Macros

    Automate multiple ticket operations (changing status, department, priority and other ticket properties) with one click.

Shared Inbox for all Staff Agents

email has a limitation its a one to one communication, where as in help desk every ticket has a ticket hash using that you can track whole communication of staff agents with your customers. everyone in team is on one page.

Multi Channel

Convert email, phone, chat, facebook, twitter, and web requests into tickets and keep them organized at one team inbox. Get a graphical statistics to know which channel your customers use more to comminicate with you.

Internal Ticket

There is time when we wish to simply create a ticket without linking it with any customer and nor we want to send out any email – internal ticket is your perfect choice. Just like regular tickets other staff members can respond to it and get certain task accomplished.

Agent Collision Detection

While solving tickets there is every chance that two or more staff agents end up replying to same ticket which may look bad from customers point of view. With Vision Helpdesk staff can lock tickets they are working on thus others see the lock and thus avoids multiple replies.

Time Tracking

Staff can note the time spent while solving tickets using timer available on ticket they are working, Add a billing note to ticket with time spent and billable time. Download time tracking report per client and per department with in given duration.

And the list goes on..

Split Ticket

Split a ticket into new ticket

Merge Tickets

Merge multiple tickets into one ticket

Link Tickets

Show a relation between different tickets with a appropriate link

Custom Fields

create additional fields on ticket creation and client registration forms.


Light weight html editor with inline image support

Ban or Mark Spam

Ban a client from submitting tickets or mark a ticket spam

Inline Image Support

Add inline images to your ticket posts

Export Tickets

Export pdf or CSV for tickets

Reply, Reply All and Forward Tickets

Just like your email client you can reply, reply all or forward tickets

Assign multiple staff agents

Assign single ticket to multiple staff agents

Ticket Private Notes

Add a private staff only visible note to tickets for internal communication for staff

Staff Comments

Leave a private comment on tickets for other staff members.

Mass Operations

One click mass operation on different ticket properties

Multiple Attachments

Supports all attachment extensions

Canned Responses

Include knowledge base articles in ticket reply with one click

Ticket Rating

Customers can review or rate tickets from client portal

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