Multi Language Help Desk

Multi Language or Multilingual Help Desk

Vision Helpdesk’s Multi Language Help Desk feature allows you to translate both staff and customer portal in multiple languages, thus making it easy to manage multilingual help desk global team and customers all round the globe.

The system also offers localisation tool using that customers can translate or modify existing languages or even add new languages on their own.

End users can select their language from customer portal and staff members can set their default language while login to staff portal.

Multi Language Help Desk

Help Desk Localisation

Multi Language Staff Portal

Each staff can setup different language for themselves, thus manage multilingual staff at one place.

Multi Language Client Portal

Offer customer portal translation in multiple languages. Customers can choose language on client portal.

Additional Multi Language Help Desk Features

Company Default Language

You can set default language for client portal

Multi Language Knowledge base

Create knowledge base language wise so customers see help in their own language

Client Default Language

Each customer can see client portal in their own language

Multi Language Autoresponder emails

Send out auto responder emails in customers language.

Vision HelpdeskMulti Language Help Desk