Satellite Help Desk

help desk software to manage support for multiple companies / brands / products

What is Satellite Help Desk Software?

Satellite help desk software is just like the regular help desk software with ability to manage customer support for multiple companies / brands / products at one place.

If you are running multiple websites /brands / products and wanted to manage customer support for each of those websites – you will have to purchase different instances of help desk softwares for each brand.

Whereas, with Satellite help desk software, you can have just one license with single staff portal and each company having its own branded customer portal.

Satellite Help Desk Software Usage Senario

Multiple Companies or Websites

If you run multiple companies or websites and wanted to offer customer support for all your companies through central help desk.

Multiple Brands or Products

If you run single company but offer multiple products and wanted to have separate branded helpdesk for each product.

End User Support

If you wanted to offer end user support (that is offering support to your customers end users)

Multi Company Help Desk / Multi Brand Help Desk

Satellite Help Desk or Multi Company Help Desk Software or Multi Brand Help Desk

Scale Customer Support Globally

single help desk software to take care of your multiple companies with multiple languages support, multiple time zone and business hours.

multi language satellite help desk

Multi Language

 Setup different language for each customer portal that reflects the identity of specific brands/regions. Create knowledge-base in different languages to offer global support.

multi brand help desk with multiple SLA

Multiple Schedules & SLA

Setup up different business hours, holidays, and SLA and ticket automation rules for each company. Everything managed at a single backend.

multi product help desk with multi time zone

Multiple Time Zone

Each company or brand can have its own time zone. Staff can set up their own time zone to see tickets in their own local time zone irrespective of the time zone set for companies.

Multiple Customer Portal

each of your companies / brands / products can have their own support portal with a separate knowledge base. you can customise each support portal with its own brand logo and design.

Satellite Help Desk Software with Multiple Customer Portals

Benefits of Satellite Help Desk


one help desk to manage support for multiple companies

Branded Customer Portal

each company / brand / product can have its own branded customer portal

Database Isolation

complete database level data isolation among companies


no headache even if your business scales vertically or horizontally

Staff Access

restrict staff access based on company and further department wise.

Multiple Time Zone

multiple time zone, business hours, workflow and sla rules.

Company Wise Emails

answer tickets of each company with respective outgoing email

Save Cost

saves huge cost that is required to setup individual help desk for each company.

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