Supplier Management

Vendor or Supplier Management

Supplier management is the process that ensures that value is received for the money that an organisation spends with its suppliers. additionally managing supplier performance and keeping accurate supplier records and information. further it also includes setting up contracts with vendors and managing all supplier and their contracts at central place.

Objectives of Supplier Management:

  1. Value-for-money from supplier and contracts
  2. Ensure all contracts and agreements are aligned with business needs and SLA’s
  3. Manage good relationships with suppliers & track supplier performance
  4. Manage supplier contracts

It’s important to categorise each supplier according to the value it brings to the service provided, and the risk that the service in question poses to the business in case of underperformance. In order to evaluate the value and risk involved with supplier and their services its important to dedicate more time into supplier management.

Multi Channels

Supplier or Vendor Management Features

Link Supplier and Products

Interchangeably you can link products with suppliers and vice a versa.

Compare Product Pricing

Compare side by side vendor pricing offered for similar products.

Supplier Performance

See how your vendors are performing, compare their pricing with other vendors

Setting Contracts with Suppliers

create contracts, track contract timelines and get email notification on contract expiry or renewal.

Quick Search Specific Vendor

Easy look up for vendor and products offered by them.

Managing relationships with suppliers

Keep accurate information of supplier and maintain their overall relationship with your organization.

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