Release Management

Release & Deployment Management

Release Management encompasses the planning, design, build, configuration and testing of hardware and software releases to create a defined set of release components.

A release is a set of authorised changes (refer: Change Management) to an IT service (including hardware and software, documentation, processes, or other components) that are essential to successfully implementing an approved change to your IT services.

Objectives of Release Management –

  • To create, test, verify, and deploy release packages
  • To manage organization and stakeholder change
  • To ensure that new or changed services are capable of delivering the agreed utility and warranty
  • To record and manage deviations, risks, and issues related to the new or changed service and take necessary corrective action
  • To ensure there is knowledge transfer to enable customers and users to optimize use of services that support their business activities.

Release Management Process –

  • Plan & document your releases – avoid costly errors.
  • Test your releases – do a thorough sandbox before moving to production.
  • Analyze release impact completely – know the impact on all associated CIs (Configuration items)

Refer other ITIL Process – Incident Management, Problem Management & Change Management

Release Management

Release Management Features

CAB and change approval

Create change advisory board and allow change approvals.

Link CI with change request

Attach CI to a change request and keep track of CIs affected.

Associate Release

Link release request with change request

Link change with Incidents.

Link change with incidents. Jump to and fro between incident and changes.

Link Incidents to a change request

Link all incidents to specified change request.

Department wise

Log change requests department wise.

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