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Ticket and Time Based Billing

track time spent on tickets and bill your customers.

Multi Channels

Billing Types

Post Paid Billing

Configure your help desk to bill customers per ticket or time based, setup billing rate for each department and create invoice right from ticket. Customers can receive invoice pdf in email and make payment online using credit card or Paypal. This option is good if you wish to bill customers after completion of certain task.

Pre Paid Billing

Create pre paid billing plans with validity period, decide billing cycle (one time or recurring). Allocate credit in terms of points or amount. Customers can order billing packages from client portal and pay upfront. Customers credit will be deducted based on tickets they submit and the billing rate that is defined for services.

More Features

Tax setup

Define tax and include it with invoice.

Payment Gateway

Your customers can pay invoice using credit card or paypal


Create and send professional invoice to your customers.

Multiple Currency

setup different currency for each company

Billing Packages

Customers can purchase billing packages from client portal.

Credit Management

Setup credit in terms of points or amount to each customer.

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