Contract Management

Vendor Contract Management

Contact Management is module of Asset Management  – You can create and track contracts between 3rd party or outside suppliers, this ensure product quality, consistency and at the right price.

The main objective of contract management is to maintain a complete record of contracts of your company with third-party vendors. You can track contracts that are for lease, software licenses, maintenance or even custom contracts.

Get a complete overview of all activities related to a contract, and get decision making stats on expiring licenses or expiring contracts.

Contract management will help you make appropriate decisions based on usage and value of the IT resources to the business. The system can send notification for expiring contracts or upcoming renewals of contract. You can plan everything in advance.

The system offers sending contract approval request within the organisation. Get the contracts approved and make sure the right contracts are activated or deactivated at right time.

Contract Management

Contract Management Features

Contract Approval

Setup approval process decide who approves contracts

Contract Timelines and Pricing

Define contract duration and cost associated with respective product.

Expiry Notification

Schedule contract expiry notification emails

Contract Approver

Setup contract approver who can take decision on specific contract.

Associate CI

Associate CI with contract to easily track which CI is affected with contract.

Attach Contract Documents

Upload contract documents with contracts and refer them anytime.

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