Task Management

Task Management In Help Desk Software

Vision Helpdesk’s task management feature offers simplified way to create, track and assign project tasks to multiple staff agents.

Task Management Help Desk Software

Manage One Time & Recurring Tasks

Task Management in Vision Helpdesk allows you to get your project tasks done in simplified manner by creating, tracking and assigning tasks to multiple staff agents within seconds.

Staff can post comments attach files on task pages and creator gets notified on task progress. Schedule your tasks one time or set recurrence (daily, monthly and weekly).

Task Management in Help Desk Software

Additional Features

Work together

create and assign tasks to other staff members and get their comments instant

Assign Multiple Staff

Assign multiple staff to a task and get their updates through comments

Attach Files

Attach files to tasks and comments

Task Notification

Get alert notification if someone adds comments or create tasks

Schedule Task

Assign start and end date to a task and track the progress

Recurring Tasks

Setup task recurrence daily, weekly and monthly.

Prioritize Tasks

Set task priority to differentiate urgent tasks

Filter Tasks

Sort tasks by status and prority

Vision HelpdeskTask Management