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Staff Management and Access Control

Vision Helpdesk provides extremely flexible and fine-grained privilege system.

Multi Channels

Staff Hierarchy

Super Admin

Super admin user has complete access, A super admin can add more super admins, company admin and staff users.

Company Admin

Company admin has access to all help desk settings but are limited to the companies for which they are admin. They can create staff users for the company access they are allowed.

Staff Team

Team is a group of staff members, you can define feature access rights to team, thus staff agents within that team will have those access permissions.

Staff Agents

Staff agent does not have access to help desk settings.

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Department Access

Restrict staff view to certain departments so they can access tickets under departments assigned to them.

Staff Access Permissions

Define which features your staff agents can use.

Multiple Signatures

Staff can setup different signature for each department

Help Desk Settings Permission

Decide which help desk settings access to permit to company admin users.

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