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ALL IN ONE Help Desk Software

Help Desk Software or Ticket Management software enables customer support staff to receive, process, and respond to incident or service requests. For delivering productive and efficient customer support the help desk features matter the most.

The features should not just be unique but should be simplified enough for customer support staff and end-users to leverage the real benefits from the tool.

Vision Helpdesk’s – Help Desk Software is designed by considering the latest industry trend, simplified enough to reduce the learning curve for customer support staff allowing them to offer top-notch support.

Below is the extensive feature list of Vision Helpdesk’s Help Desk Software.

Unique Features

Help desk features like multi-channel, ticket billing, task management, staff collaboration, gamification, and multi-company are designed to keep your business ahead in the competition and deliver the best customer support to customers.

Core Features

Core features as the name indicates are must to have features. It enables your customer support team to deliver customer support with efficiency and keep your customers happy.

  • Ticket Management

  • Client Management

  • Staff Management

  • Self Service

  • Workflow

  • SLA & Escalation

  • Reports

  • Client Portal

  • Multi-Language

  • Security

  • Survey

  • Time Tracking

Extend Help Desk Functionality

Customize the help desk by modifying the design and themes. Further, the tool offers complete flexibility to extend the features of help desk software by integrating with 3rd party tools using API and developing custom modules.

  • Modules

  • Custom Fields

  • Mobile Apps

  • Developer API

  • Integrations

  • Branding

Evaluate Help Desk Features

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