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On Demand Private-Branded Help Desk

Vision Helpdesk offers unique feature — “Satellite Helpdesk” that allows you to manage multiple companies support operations from one place – the key thing is Vision Helpdesk creates a logical separation among each company staff,  users,  tickets, knowledge-base and almost everything,.

Vision Helpdesk has central database and single Admin / Staff Portal where each company admin / staff log’s in and can view respective assigned company departments / tickets.  Same way each company has its own client portal which allows that company clients to submit / view their tickets / knowledgebase / news / downloads etc and of course each client portal can be branded as per company name and design.

Apart from scalability Vision Helpdesk has opened up various options for IT companies to manage their support operations.

Talking about options and how companies can use Vision Helpdesk’s Satellite feature, One of our client ( TurnKey Internet )   trust Vision Helpdesk to offer On Demand Private-Branded Helpdesk to their Reseller, VPS and Dedicated hosting clients.

TurnKey Internet  uses Vision Helpdesk Owned Ultimate Plan that offers adding UNLIMITED domains / companies. They have installed Vision Helpdesk on a generic domain every time a reseller sign up with their hosting services they add that Resellers domain as a company in their Vision Helpdesk and provision Reseller with their own Private Branded ( Reseller can have their own company logo ) Ready to use Helpdesk.

Again this is just one way how Vision Helpdesk Satellite feature can be used, If you explore Vision Helpdesk more you will find some more facet of Vision Helpdesk 🙂

Vision HelpdeskOn Demand Private-Branded Help Desk
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  • Jeremy Otten - May 2, 2010 reply

    ahum…. just checked… and turnkey uses kayako for their own support…… 😉

  • Sean - May 4, 2010 reply

    Jeremy, that is true. The reason for that we only recently discovered VisionWorld and our internal corporate helpdesk system has been in place for quite a while. We have a lot of modifications and time invested in it and moving to Vision is not a small task.

    That doesn’t mean that it’s any better or worse…what VisionWorld has all over Kayako is the ability to add multiple helpdesks quickly and easily…which is why we choose it over Kayako for our clients.

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