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Vision Helpdesk V5.6.2 Stable Version Released

Vision Helpdesk V5.6.2 Stable Version Release

Today we have released Vision Helpdesk V5.6.2 Stable Version. This version mainly includes several new features & bug fixes from previous versions.

Steps for the upgrade to V5.6.2 from V5.x.x for Download License (On-Premises License) customers. 

Step 1) log in to billing area —

Step 2) From Services >> My Services — You can download a new setup for Vision Helpdesk V5.6.2
(We support PHP7.1 and above PHP version for V5 version)

Step 3) Take a backup of your existing files and database on your server.
example if you had installed on support folder you can rename support to support_bk and create new support folder.

Step 4) Unzip V5.6.2 setup – it will have a folder named “upload” — you have to upload all files and folders (except setup folder) under upload folder to your server under support folder.
Note : If using ftp to upload make sure you use binary mode to upload files

Step 5) Copy below listed files and folders from your backup support_bk

support_bk/config.php to support/config.php
support_bk/slaveconfig.php to support/slaveconfig.php
support_bk/avatar/ to support/avatar/
support_bk/attachment/ to support/attachment/
support_bk/logs/ to support/logs/
support_bk/console/pipe.php to support/console/pipe.php

If you had any customization done in the previous version you can copy those files to new files.

Note: We recommend to contact our support team for upgrade.

Step 6) Now we have some changes in database — you can update it by running below listed file in browser

In-browser open folder –
This will show you list of upgrade files from version to version

Based on what version are you running — You can run the upgrade files.
example if you had the previous version installed V5.0.0 then simply run

  • http://yourdomain,com/support/upgrade/upgrade_5_5_6_to_5_6_0.php
  • http://yourdomain,com/support/upgrade/upgrade_5_6_0_to_5_6_2.php

Note: After you run upgrade files – Remove upgrade folder from your installation.
That’s it you are done.

Note: If you are not sure how to upgrade please open support ticket we will help you. 

Features added in V.5.6.2

  • Queue management for Live Chat
  • Asset Acknowledgment
  • Chat and visitor history enhancement
  • Discard chat functionality
  • IMAP modern authentication

Bug Fixes from previous versions

    • Fixed issue regarding schedule ticket in case of call client
    • Missed chat filter is added in inbox
    • Chat on cross domain issues fixed
    • client side chat on multiple tabs
    • Add client event missing in workflow
    • staff side chat on multiple tabs
    • Chat load more issue fixed
    • Duplicate messages on staff side
    • Asset scanning issues fixed with special characters, serial number, etc.

Change Log 

Root – 

  • index.php

Manage – 

  • index.php

Modules – 

  • module_cmdb.php
  • module_export.php
  • module_selfhelp.php
  • module_ticket.php
  • module_staff.php
  • module_subsetting.php
  • module_setting.php
  • module_livechat.php

Classes – 

  • class_cmdb.php
  • class_ticket.php
  • class_staff.php
  • class_setting.php
  • class_subsetting.php
  • class_livechat.php

Includes – 

  • operation.php
  • constants.php

Manage Templates – 

  • portal_setting.php
  • vhdlivechat.php
  • vh_topmenu.php
  • lc_automation.php
  • login.php
  • profile.php
  • profile_short_summary.php
  • staff_profile.php
  • security_ip.php
  • security_password.php
  • smtpmail_list.php
  • security_details.php
  • devices_banned_list.php
  • devices_php

Plugins – 

  • google_verification
  • redactor/source.js

Setup – 

  • setup/vision5.sql
  • setup/operation.php

Upgrade – 

  • upgrade_5_6_0_to_5_6_2.php
Vision HelpdeskVision Helpdesk V5.6.2 Stable Version Released
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