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Case Study: Unitronics Inc using Vision Helpdesk

About Unitronics Inc:

Unitronics designs manufacture and markets advanced control and automation solutions.

Their extensive offering includes a complete line of PLCs with integrated HMI, full line of VFDs, AC Servo Drives & Motors, a broad array of I/Os and complementary devices, as well as programming software for all aspects of control, motion, HMI, and communications. Unitronics PLCs range from micro-PLC + HMI units for simple machine control, to complex controllers with advanced functions, a variety of onboard IOs and multiple communication options – including support for Industry 4.0 (smart factory) technology.

Their products are easy to use, efficient, and affordable, and have been automating processes, systems and standalone applications since 1989.

Today, their field-proven products automate over 1 million installations in diverse fields, including petrochemicals, automotive, food processing, plastics & textiles, energy & environment, water & wastewater management – anywhere automated processes are required.

Unitronics is represented by more than 180 distributors in over 60 countries around the globe, providing our customers with local support in their local languages.

Organization Type:

Provider of advanced control & automation solutions.

Customer Support System previously used by Unitronics:

  •   Basic Email Management software.

Challenges faced in the previous customer support system:

  • Limitations in available Reports and Analytics.
  • Lack of role assignment led to confusion and duplication of replies.

Product Unitronics using: Pro Help Desk Software

How Vision Helpdesk helped Unitronics enhance their end-user support:

Multi-Channel Management: Unitronics uses the Pro Helpdesk Product of Vision Helpdesk, which helps them to manage their end-user queries coming in through different channels like Client portal, Emails, and Social Media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

Reports and Analytics: Vision Helpdesk a wide range of Predefined and Custom Reports. Unitronics were able to measure and analyze the staff performance and also the other required parameters, thereby planning the next leap towards growth.

Regular Backups: Unitronics has been very particular about the backups of the crucial data and files. Vision Helpdesk has been providing them Daily and Weekly backups to ensure the safety of their crucial data.

Encryption: Security of client data is something that’s taken very seriously at Vision Helpdesk. Encryption of login credentials and also of data during transfer is strictly followed for all our clients.

Accurate Ticket Submission using Workflow: We helped Unitronics define the workflow of tickets in the Helpdesk, so the ticket is automatically channelized to the respective staff or team. User ticket submissions for Unitronics across multiple channels is now more efficient and accurate.

Ticket Assignment: With the Pro Help Desk, the ticket assignment process has been fully automated. Ticket on the basis of a condition or criteria can be assigned to a staff or to a group of staff members in a round-robin fashion. The staff of Unitronics have appreciated the idea of equal distribution of tickets.

Available API’s: Vision Helpdesk software is Open for Customization. We have added customized features for Unitronics to enhance and strengthen their process. Vision Helpdesk also provides API’s for all the incident data and activities.

Custom ticket submission form: This inbuilt feature is used by Unitronics to gather the required data from the customer and move it into the appropriate department for the staff members to check and update.

An additional feature for FTP management: This has been an enhancement Vision Helpdesk provided Unitronics with additional customization for uploading the customer data files. The end-users were, therefore, able to upload their data files in various formats.

Data Validation and Synchronization for customized web forms: Unitronics are provided with customized web forms using which they can collect data which will be auto validated and synchronized to reduce further work.

Thus to summarize, Vision Helpdesk provided Unitronics Inc with a customer support Pro Help Desk Software, which helped them manage the inquiries coming in through different channels in an efficient and synchronized manner. This has led to a boost in productivity as well as a planned and channelized workflow across the customer support department of the Organization.

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Vision HelpdeskCase Study: Unitronics Inc using Vision Helpdesk
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