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REVIEW :: Vision Helpdesk a new challenger has arrived!


My name is Jeremy Otten. I Am the CEO at Random Solutions. We are a young IT company that where looking for a payable but good help desk product.

I have searched all around the internet and spent hours goggling around. Then I stumbled upon Vision Helpdesk. I never heard of these guys….. they where also a young company and the help desk version was so its a young product I thought..

I did an online chat and they where very friendly and experienced. I asked them why I would pick them above any other competitor. They mentioned a unique satellite help desk feature and some other stuff.

At the moment I am also a beta tester of the product. And I must say the software is very intuitive/effective and very smart!

Ow and did I mention it is FAST! 99% AJAX driven! almost no page loads/reloads or whatever. Its a nice and clean helpdesk app. No bloatware when you just spent hours finding 1 feature or check mark. Within 30 minutes I got the hang of it.

The development has a steady past over at vision helpdesk. Bugs are fixed really fast and they listen to suggestions. This is really good because this way the product gets programmed the way we (the users) want it to be. It will get smarter and smarter along the way.

Another great service was free installation. I just made an ftp account and sub domain in my cpanel mailed them the credentials and I was up and running in NO time!

To come back to the satellite feature. We are a starting company and are partnering with other starting companies. This way we can compete with the bigger guys who have more people to work with. The cool thing is we now have 1 help desk/service desk for all the partners. We can share clients(sub help desks) with each other if we give both support to that customer. Its simple and works very well in my opinion.

I do not say that the product is perfect, no software is perfect!! But its worth the few pennies and it really has a lot of potential and a lot to come!

Also they offer great rebates for current help desk owners and migration tools for Kayako/Cerberus and many others!

Just evaluate the software and you will see what I mean! What harm can it do 😉

Jeremy Otten (CEO – Random Solutions)


Vision HelpdeskREVIEW :: Vision Helpdesk a new challenger has arrived!
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