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Tug of war between the Sales and Support Team

Help Desk Tug of War

One of the games that I really used to enjoy in my school days was tug of war. There were two teams filled with enthusiasm and energy. Both the teams pull the opposite end of the rope and

attempt to drag the opposition team over a central line. Real fun to support your team! When I joined Vision Helpdesk everything was very new to me. There were different departments assigned with different work and task. I noticed how the sales team and support team deal with the customers to meet with their needs. And I related them to the tug of war teams and was eager to know that which team wins the game! So I started noticing them very keenly.

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships. – Michael Jordan.

It is really difficult to achieve your goal unless you work as a team. I was really amazed to see the sales team who were so active in tackling all the customers easily. The support team was also working in the same way. I was really confused to point out the best team. So I listed down all the activities performed by both the teams.

Duties performed by Sales Team:

Sales team plays a very major or vital role in the help desk software. They are the one who establishes the relation with the clients initially by knowing their needs and requirements. Some of their duties or responsibilities are as stated below:

1) Assisting the customers:
Sales person assist or guides the customer to make a right choice of the product depending upon their requirement. They are the one who answer the customers for their queries.

2) Following up with the customers:
They need to follow up with the customers time to time. They keep in touch with the customers through the follow ups.

3) Knowing customers’ requirements:
They are the one who deal with the customers and through a better communication keep a track of their requirements.

4) Satisfaction of the customers:
They are the one who represents our company to the clients initially. So satisfaction of the customers is the prime goal for them.

Duties performed by Support Team:
The role played by the support team is also very important. Whenever the customer is facing any of the issue, the support team is always there to resolve the issue. Customer satisfaction plays a very vital role in customer support service. Some of their duties are as stated below:

1) Tackling with the issues of the customers:
The customer support person tackles with all the problems and issues that the customer is facing. A better understanding of the issue that the customers are facing helps to deal the issue and thus resolving it for them.

2) Mediator between the customers and the developers:
A support person listens to all the queries or issues that are raised by the clients and thus updates the developer to fix or implement those changes. Thus they act as the mediator between the customers and the developers.

3) Feedback from the customers:
A support person is a person who gets feedback from the customers when the issues they were facing get resolved. Feedback from the clients helps to know whether the issue they were facing is resolved or not.

4) Improving the product:
The feedback that the support team gets from the customers plays a very important role for the improvement of the product.

Winner of the Match:
After keeping a note on the duties and responsibilities performed by the Sales team and the Support team, I was a bit confused to decide the winner of the tug of war match. According to me I came to the conclusion that, sales team was the one who dealt with all the clients initially. They are the one who assist the customers for the product. But if the customer is facing any of the issue then the support team steps forward to resolve it for them. It is the fact that if the customer is happy with the support provided to them then he will tell good things about you to others. Thus gradually it will increase the sales of your company. This can be explained as below:

Cycle of Support and Sales Team

Thus both the sales team and the support team are interdependent. Both the teams play an important role for the smooth working of any of the company. Thus I came to the conclusion that the teams put forth their own efforts for the best and the fruitful working of any of the company. So according to me the match was a draw. Because it was very difficult for me to decide the best one! According to me both were the winners. I say bravo to both the sales team and the support team for their awesome work!

Vision HelpdeskTug of war between the Sales and Support Team
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