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Know your customers better to offer good customer support

Know your customers

The support team cannot expect the customers should always come up with same type of issues and asking the assistance for the same. The issues and problems vary from different customers.

The support team should always be prepared to tackle with such type of problems and issues. There is a saying that,

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself. Peter Drucker.

Categorize your customers first:

There are different types of customers who come with different issues. To have a better understanding of them is very important. Based on this analysis and the experience we have in handling various customers, they can be categorized as below:

Calm headed customers: (Group 1)
Such types of customers are very calmed headed and polite. They will not create issue for minor things.

How to handle: Whenever they face any issue they will be very co-operative to provide you with enough time to resolve the issue. So it is our responsibility not to take such customers for granted.

Moderate customers: (Group 2)
They are the one who complains if they face any type of the issue. They can even be aggressive at times if their issue is not resolved.

How to handle: They should be listened properly to resolve their queries. They are the mixture of the calm headed and the stubborn customers. So such customers are dangerous of all as they cannot be predicted.

Stubborn customers: (Group 3)
They are the one who will come with all sorts of complaints and issues. They will make a mountain out of a molehill. Even a small issue tends to be very big for them. At times they may even be aggressive.

How to handle: Never to argue with them and listen to their complaints calmly. They always expect a proper feedback from the support team. They want themselves to be treated as the apple of the eye by the support team. So they always want themselves to be prior, though their issue will be small.

Additional things that should be kept in the mind to provide good support:
To be the best support person you should be able to handle all types of customers. Things that should be considered while handling different types of customers and their issues:

  • Understanding: Without having the proper understanding of the issues faced by the customers it cannot be resolved. So it is very necessary to have a good understanding of the needs of the customers.
  • Polite: It is very necessary to be calm and polite while handling the issues of the customers. No matter the issue would be a small one but you should always be ready to render your assistance for that.
  • Resolving the issue: When a customer comes to you for certain issue than he expects the issue to be resolved. So it becomes necessary and also the duty of the support person to resolve it.

Be ready to extend your help to all your customers:
It is very necessary to handle all the customers belonging to different groups properly. It is indeed the duty and also the responsibility of the support team to render their help. No matter the client has come up with a small issue or the big one. As the sales of any product depends upon the good support rendered to the customers.

Vision HelpdeskKnow your customers better to offer good customer support
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