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Vision Helpdesk Review by ThomasCook

Vision Helpdesk Team deserves a pat on their back! Paul Hopkins – ThomasCook

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Vision Helpdesk Case Study

As Thomas cook has a large business spread across the globe so in order to meet with their requirements they wanted a helpdesk that could help for the proper communication among the employees, knowledge-base, question and answer facility. They required a way so that they can automate their ticket flow. There were certain questions that were asked frequently by the customers, so they wanted a solution that would save the time of the staff members. They required a helpdesk that could manage all the clients at one place.Recently social media websites like Facebook and Twitter plays important role in marketing – They also wanted a way to integrate with Facebook and Twitter and convert wall posts conversations and tweets into tickets.

Vision Helpdesk meeting with the requirements of Thomas Cook

They were looking for a helpdesk that could meet with all their requirements as stated above. Vision helpdesk was happy to meet with all the requirements of Thomas cook.

Got the answer to all the problems raised by them

The issues they were facing along with the solution are stated below:

1) Proper communication between all the employees:

ThomasCook required a system that could help for proper communication between the employees. The solution offered for this issue by Vision Helpdesk was Blabby! Blabby is the private social hub for the staff members in an organization to communicate among themselves. Thus it brings all the staff members together to share knowledge, files, presentation and videos and collaborate on various ticket issues. Internal communication between the staff members brings them together.

2) Knowledgebase, Question and Answer:

They required a system that could help them to create the Forum boards. So the solution offered for this issue was Self help! Self help is considered as “All in one tool.” It allows the customers to setup question and answer tool, allow customers to add suggestions and even create the forum boards. Even the comments can be added just like the blog comments.

3) Automate their ticket flow:

They wanted a system that could automate their ticket flow. So the solution for this was SLA (Service Level Agreement) which helps to automate the ticket flow by responding to the tickets in timely manner. Thus the queries put forth by the customers can be resolved in timely manner.

4) Client Management:

As Thomas Cook is spread across the globe, they needed a way for the proper management of the Clients. Vision Helpdesk offers to manage all the customers at one place. The Profile, Notes, Ticket, History, Invoices, Credits, Sub contacts can be seen at one place. Thus the clients can be managed properly.

5) Quick insert / Predefined replies:

There were certain questions that were asked frequently by the clients to the staff members. The solution for this was the predefined replies or the Quick insert. Vision Helpdesk allows to create Self Help Knowledgebase articles and include this articles as a ticket reply anytime while solving tickets – thus frequently asked questions can be answered real quick.

6) Integration with Facebook and Twitter:

They also wanted a way to integrate with Facebook and Twitter and convert this post and tweet conversations into tickets. To make a centralized communication Vision Helpdesk Integrates with Facebook and Twitter and turns wall post conversations and @mention messages into tickets. Now the support team can respond back to customers, they don’t have to login to Facebook or Twitter to respond to customers. The integration not only allows engaging customers but also helps to keep track of their communication at one place.

Thomas Cook was really happy when they were met with all their requirements. Thus meeting with the needs of the customers gives us immense happiness and satisfaction. Now all the requirements such as the communication between all the employees, Question and Answer, Automate their ticket flow, Client Management, Quick insert / Predefined replies, Integration with Facebook and Twitter were met and smoothing their work in a proper way!

Vision HelpdeskVision Helpdesk Review by ThomasCook
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