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Vision Helpdesk V3 Stable Release Schedule

Vision Helpdesk Team is excited to announce the final date of V3 Stable version. It’s almost more than one and half year we started working on V3.

While we were offering V2 we received several compliments

  • Best Satellite / Multi-Domain Helpdesk
  • Economical And Easy On Customers Pocket
  • Best WHMCS Integration Offered
  • Perfect Ticket Billing Feature
  • Good AJAX Usage and more…

On darker side  — we did receive some serious criticism

  • Less Developer Friendly
  • Limited Open Code
  • Less Web 2 Design

We knew if we have to overcome the critics we needed a complete new architecture that should be rock solid (Technically speaking working from scratch was the only solution 😉 We took our call and decided to give a complete new thought to Vision Helpdesk. (That’s how we started working on V3)

V3 is not just evolution of V2 features, Its  — A Next Generation Helpdesk.

Below is  the Final Schedule of  V3 Stable release..

  • V3 Stable Release  and Available for Purchase — 11th June 2012
  • Existing Customers Upgrade from V2 to V3 — Starts from 25th June 2012

Please post comment if you have more questions.. Once again thank you for trusting us and showing patience with V3 release.

Vision HelpdeskVision Helpdesk V3 Stable Release Schedule
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  • Murry - May 30, 2012 reply

    Thank You! Looking forward to it. Look the new website!

  • Jim - May 31, 2012 reply

    Glad it is finally being released but I do not at all understand the delay for current users. 14 more days seems like punishment for having already bought your product.

  • Vision Helpdesk - June 1, 2012 reply

    Just don’t want to get flooded with upgrade requests so we have schedule time for upgrade requests. Upgrading to V3 is installing new setup and migrating V2 tickets so that is bit time consuming task.

  • Dan - June 1, 2012 reply

    Very good guys.
    I hardly wait for the upgrade.

    I agree with the Web2.0 design critique. 🙂

  • Jim - June 1, 2012 reply

    Well I have no tickets, no accounts, no anything. Waiting on the new version to deploy anything…. as I have been for a couple of months now. But I will wait another month for the “upgrade”…

  • Jeremy Otten - June 2, 2012 reply

    Cannot wait to get my upgrade

  • Jeremy Otten - June 2, 2012 reply

    I just took the tour. Where is the much appreciated ticket timer that was there in v2?

    I really must have this in v3 also…

  • mingxue - June 2, 2012 reply

    i have ordered the V2 oened license. if i choose just new install V3, no upgrade. could i get the install package 11th?

  • Daniel Koop - June 3, 2012 reply

    We don’t have V2 running and are waiting for V3 but we’ve got a V2 license. Can we get the new installation files without waiting until June 25th

  • Vision Helpdesk - June 4, 2012 reply

    Yes for those who are having V2 license but have not installed or not using it — they can directly install V3. No wait for them.

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