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Vision Helpdesk V3 – A Next Generation Helpdesk

Next Generation Helpdesk

Vision Helpdesk is 5 years young  and Today we have released 3.0.0 stable version of Vision Helpdesk.  V3 reflects almost 2 years of work on our part to make Vision Helpdesk — A Next Generation Helpdesk.

Today’s launch signifies a significant step forward in making Vision Helpdesk the most powerful and useful helpdesk software tool available.

I can actually only repeat my previous posts that explained what exactly V3 is..

In our first post we announced about our idea about Next Generation Helpdesk, In second post we posted some screenshot teasers and in next posts we tried to explain how V3’s architecture and features.

Notable new and improved features:

Multi Domain / Satellite Helpdesk

Vision Helpdesk is the only web-based helpdesk software that allows you to manage support for multiple companies at one place. With single front-end and each company having its own client portal makes it true satellite helpdesk.

Multi Channel Helpdesk

The ALL IN ONE customer support helpdesk allows you to manage various channels like E-MAIL, WEB-FORMS, TWITTER, FACEBOOK, CALLS everything under single roof.

Multi-Tab Technique

V3′s architecture will give you ability to switch between tasks without losing data and pick up where you left off. For this we have created internal Tabs you can easily switch among tabs without losing data.

So no matter if you jump between multiple tickets, clients list, knowledgebase or any module — you will not loose your previous work — The Multi-Tab technique will increase your working efficiency and speedup your work without any hassle..

Online Issue Tracker

Online Issue Tracker

Track issues online, Ticket creation using web interface and Email Parsing. Fetch emails using email piping, POP3, IMAP, POP3 SSL, IMAP SSL. Advance features like Two Way Email Parsing | Catch All Rules | Pre and Post Email parsing | manage Break-Lines

Ticket Billing

Ticket Billing

Prepaid and Postpaid Billing | Manage Credit | Create Invoice |  Taxation |  Bill Tickets Per Minute | Per Hour| Per Ticket | Per Post, Track Bill Time, Multi-Currency | Automation and much more..

Self Help

Self Help

Predefined Replies for Staff, Manage Knowledgebase for Clients and Staff, Create Forums, Question and Answer, Bug Submission, Feature Requests, Manage Downloads  and more..

Helpdesk Automation


Work Flow | SLA and Escalations — Automate your tickets work using rule based criteria and decide what action system should take on matching specific criteria conditions. Setup SLA’s and offer timely response to tickets.




Private Social Hub for your staff members to communicate, share knowledge | files | presentations | collaborate on ticket issues.

Custom Reports

Custom Reports

Build instant custom reports (charts, figures and tables) get insights of your helpdesk, measure and analyze the metrics that are important for your organization.

Above was a brief list of features — click here to Take A Tour of Vision Helpdesk V3.

30 Days Free Trial of Vision Helpdesk V3

We offer 30 days Free Trial for Vision Helpdesk both hosted on our cloud server and hosting Vision Helpdesk on your server. On free trial page you can select what suits your need. With the hosted version you will receive Vision Helpdesk login details in just 5 mins and if you decide download version — you will have to install Vision Helpdesk on your server. (You can find installation  help here)

Upgrade Schedule for Existing Customers

Vision Helpesk Upgrade from V2 to V3 — Starts from 25th June 2012  — You can open support request on or after 25th June — we will  be happy to help you with setting up V3 for you. If you have not installed V2 — you can directly install V3.

Purchase Vision Helpdesk V3

Vision Helpesk V3 is available for purchase — click here

We are looking forward for your comments and suggestions — We will keep you posted with further updates.

Vision HelpdeskVision Helpdesk V3 – A Next Generation Helpdesk
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  • mubdea - June 11, 2012 reply

    where can I download the V3

    Vision Helpdesk - June 11, 2012 reply

    You can signup for V3 Download License Evaluation here —

  • mubdea - June 11, 2012 reply

    I have a license

    Vision Helpdesk - June 11, 2012 reply

    If existing customers wants to test V3 on their servers before upgrading from V2 — they can simply signup for 30 days Download License and try it..

  • Daniel Koop - June 11, 2012 reply

    I already have a license and I don’t have V2 installed, I only need a download for a new installation. Can you give me the download please?

  • Vision Helpdesk - June 12, 2012 reply

    @Daniel, You can order 30 days evaluation Download License — there you can get V3 setup.

    While migration we will convert your license to actual license.

  • Daniel Koop - June 12, 2012 reply

    I’m not migrating, can you please convert my license?

  • Peter - August 9, 2012 reply

    Problem is the ridicoulous prices with this software for multi-domain. Wow!

    Vision Helpdesk - August 20, 2012 reply

    May i know whats wrong with the pricing – just so you know this pricing is not per agent, We offer unlimited staff and if you compare our pricing with other software we are still cheaper.

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