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Vision2.0 beta Evaluation released..


We are very close to our milestone version — i.e Vision 2.0 stable release.

Today we have released Vision2.0 beta evaluation version — Now you can order V2.0 evaluation version and install it on your server.

We request you to order V2.0 beta evaluation version from our website –

Vision2.0 feature list is freeze — that is we are not adding any new features to V2.0 (unless they are absolutely critical) — At this stage we need your feedback, bug reports, feature suggestions and comments on Vision2.0.


Simultaneously we are creating RoadMap for V2.1 and surely we will try to include features that you feel V2.0 is missing or features that will enhance Vision to further level. ( RoadMap will be available soon so you know what’s coming next)

And the plan is…

…to take Vision2.0 out of BETA as soon as possible, ( Though we are not sure what will be the exact date for V2 stable release – Anticipating next two to three weeks to complete beta testing cycles).

We are daily fixing and polishing Vision2.0 beta — we will keep updating blog and our website with more news.. till then play with V2.0 beta evaluation version.

Vision HelpdeskVision2.0 beta Evaluation released..
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