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What makes Vision Helpdesk unique from other Help desk software?

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Before penning down this article I myself have evaluated and studied various help desk software. As I believe in the saying,

I like to regard myself as someone who’s capable of critical thought, that is to say, who can evaluate claims. Bill Nye.

Any one will hardly believe you unless you present certain facts or proof how you are UNIQUE from others. Also I don’t believe in boasting about one’s own product. There is a saying by Owen D “When boasting ends, there dignity begins.” And based on this evaluation I came to certain conclusions about various help desk software. And I am sure that this information will be very useful for the people who are looking for the help desk software that can meet with all their requirements.

Things considered during Evaluation:

There are different plans that are offered by different help desk software. The thing that is common in all was that the pricing was based on the number of staff agents. Depending upon the number of staff agents the pricing is decided. This might even increase the cost if you have many staff agents.

Many of the help desks will offer you with the features depending upon plan which you are using. The customers who have purchased the higher plans can have all the features. There are limited features for those having the lower plans.

Management of multiple companies:
There are many of the help desks that do not offer support for multiple companies. With the traditional help desk software one is able to manage the support for only a single company.

Vision helpdesk unique from other help desks:

Pricing of Vision helpdesk:
One of the things that make Vision helpdesk unique from others is pricing. No matter which plan you are using, whether it is download license or the SaaS license. It offers you with unlimited staff agents, clients and tickets. Thus reducing the cost!

Features offered by Vision helpdesk:
No matter which plan you are using all the features of Vision helpdesk will be offered to all the customers. There is as such no difference that is done whether the person has purchased the higher plan or the lower plan. All will be free to use all the features.

Managing multiple companies using the Satellite feature:
With same old traditional help desk, you are able to offer the support to only a single company. Using Vision Helpdesk you are able to offer support for one or more companies at one central helpdesk and this is one of the important feature known as the Satellite Helpdesk. So managing multiple companies and brands is not a big deal now!

How to decide whether the help desk is good for you?
The most common practice to make a decision on the help desk software is by evaluating different help desk software. I have evaluated different help desk software not as a representative of Vision helpdesk, but keeping all those people in mind who are really confused or who are startups which cannot afford much during their initial stages. I have listed all the things that make

Vision helpdesk different from other help desks. This can be my point of view that can be different for others.
The two keys that open the door of a good help desk software:

1) Evaluate – Evaluate your help desk software.
2) Explore – Exploring the help desk software will help you to understand it in a better way.

So it is always good to sign up for the 30 days free help desk trial and I am sure that you will surely agree with me that Vision Helpdesk is very different and unique from other help desks!

Vision HelpdeskWhat makes Vision Helpdesk unique from other Help desk software?
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