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10 Reasons: Why people are switching to SaaS Help Desk Software?

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When you decide to have the help desk software for your business then there are many questions and also queries that arouse in your mind. And one of the main things of concern is whether to opt
for SaaS license or On-premise (Download) license. As time as passed it can be seen that Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has gained lots of importance and more and more people are adopting it. According to Gartner by 2015, 50% of new IT help desk tool purchases will be on the cloud. And $14.5 billion will be spent worldwide this year on the SaaS market. 80% of new commercial enterprise applications deployed this year will be on cloud platforms (IDC). The user does not pay for the software itself. They can use it for the specific period of time and pay for it depending upon the period they are using. Considering all this, there are many people who are switching towards SaaS.

Here are the reasons why people prefer SaaS:

1) Lower Cost and Affordable:
SaaS are based on subscriptions and also it is operated on the basis of monthly subscriptions thus reducing the cost. There are no upfront costs that are required for it. The cost for maintenance is also reduced for the same, since the SaaS providers owns the environment which is split among the customers who are using it. One does not needs to buy servers or disk space thus it becomes affordable.

2) Pay as you go:
There is no upfront cost for it. You pay for the service that you use as there is month to month service. There is little invested and also little obligation. So it does not require long commitments.

3) Saves Time:
One of the main advantages of SaaS is that it is already installed and configured and thus it reduces the time of installation and configuration. SaaS software solutions are delivered more quickly than the traditional solutions that can take weeks or even months to be implemented.

4) Scalable:
SaaS applications are stored on the cloud, so it makes them accessible to business. The user does not need to buy the additional software. Depending upon the needs and the plan the SaaS provider will own that.

5) Easy to Upgrade:
The providers of SaaS upgrade the solution and it becomes available to the customers. So the customers need not to worry about the upgrades. The user can simply buy the upgrade package and install it. So it becomes very easy and also simple to upgrade.

6) Quick to deploy:
With SaaS one just needs internet connection and one is ready for it. SaaS does not require anything to be installed as compared to the on-premise software. One can access it immediately without waiting for long.

7) Backups and data recovery:
Compared to traditional software, SaaS reduces the tasks of taking the backups and recovering the data as there are regular and automatic backups of the data of the users. Thus everything is done without the intervention of the user.

8) Security:
SaaS provides with high security. It provides a better security than most of the companies are expecting from on-premise software. There are regular backups for the servers and different firewalls for the same. And also various measures are used to protect the data, regular backups which provide security of the data.

9) Accessible anywhere:
SaaS solutions can be accessed anywhere in the world. Thus the user can access his data and work efficiently from anywhere. It becomes easy for them to access their data anytime.

10) Flexible:
As one is able to access it anywhere and anytime, it becomes flexible to use. Also one need not worry about the new upgrades and also security of the data. Therefore it provides flexible environment to use it.

Considering all the reasons that are as mentioned above more and more people are opting for SaaS and it as benefited them in many ways!

Vision Helpdesk10 Reasons: Why people are switching to SaaS Help Desk Software?
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