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Help Desk Self Help Tool like Harry Potter’s Wand to Customer Support Team!

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If there would be a contest to announce the name of biggest and craziest fan of the Harry Potter Series then I am sure that I would be its winner! Reading its novels and watching its movies always

gave me the feeling that I should enroll my name to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It always took me to the fantasy land filled with adventure, thrill and mystery. The best thing said by Garrick Ollivander to Harry Potter on wands was, “The wand chooses the wizard… it’s not always clear why.” I always wish I could have a Wand like Harry!

Self Help: Wand in the hands of Support team:

I have a habit to relate my work to different things that fascinates me. Earlier I have related Customer Service to salt in help desk platter. And after seeing the Self Help feature I could not stop myself to relate it to the wand in our hands (Support team). Wow! Awesome feeling! I wonder how difficult the task would be for the support team if there was no Help Desk Self Help feature. And how easy is our task now due to this feature.

Need of Self Help and Knowledgebase:

It is a fact that customers always prefer to find the solution to their queries by themselves before actually contacting the Support team. Also there are times when the support person has to answer to the frequently asked questions. At such time the job becomes very tedious and also there should be a way to answer such frequently asked questions quickly.

How Self  Help Tool and Knowledgebase eases the work of Support team and Customers:

1) Predefined or ready-made replies of staff members:

There are times when there are some questions that are asked frequently, and it needs to be answered quickly. During such time Quick insert or Predefined replies are very useful. It can be used as ticket reply any time while solving tickets. The job really becomes very easy!

2) Suggestion through Knowledge-base:

Whenever a customer has a query and he tries to submit the ticket, then the list of knowledgebase articles along with the subject is displayed. It helps the customer to decide whether the question raised by him is answered or whether he should proceed further with their ticket submission.

3) Featured Articles:

Featured articles can be considered as a good pal to the customers. It appears on the client portal home screen and can be looked upon whenever needed. Thus it gives proper exposure to the articles.

4) Time Savior:

Self Help and Knowledgebase are time saviors for both the staff members as well as the clients. The staff members can give answers to the frequently asked questions quickly with quick insert or predefined replies. It is like a ticket getting resolved in a single click. Also through knowledgebase suggestions the customers can avoid submitting ticket if they get an answer through it. Thus a lot of time is saved of the customers as well as the clients.

5) Healthy Interaction:

It gives an opportunity to the staff members to answer the query that is put forth by the client and also interacting with other clients. Thus there is a good bonding and friendly interaction that is established between them.

Considering the wonders performed by Self Help, it was really like a wand in our hands. Sometimes I feel that my childhood dream of being a wizard has come true! And as Harry Potter I too have a wand named Self Help – easing my work and performing wonders when needed!

Vision HelpdeskHelp Desk Self Help Tool like Harry Potter’s Wand to Customer Support Team!
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