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10 Reasons Your Company Needs a Twitter Integration with Help Desk

social media help deskFrom new marketing opportunities to the ease of connecting with customers, there are plenty of reasons companies all over the world are taking to social media. After all, a business must always go where the customers are, and social media would definitely be that place.

Twitter in particular has seen a sudden surge of business accounts in recent years. This has led to an increase in customer-to-business interactions on the Twitter platform, as well as a larger number of brand recommendations seen posted to the feeds of various individuals.

That said there are still plenty of businesses who have yet to take advantage of the incredible world of Twitter. For some, this is due to a lack of knowledge on the topic; for others, it is because of an already overloaded staff. However, if your business is one of those without any social media accounts, and especially one on Twitter, we urge you to rethink this decision.

There are ways around the knowledge and staffing issues mentioned above. Because skipping out on social media is a big mistake in our opinion, we highly recommend finding the solutions that work for your company.

Don’t agree with our stance on the subject? Here are 10 Twitter facts that are sure to change your mind.

#1: There are 310 million active Twitter users. 

This alone should be enough to grab the attention of the majority of business owners. After all, that is a huge number of eyeballs. An audience this large simply must be marketed to. Additionally, it is crucial that these people receive good customer service, because tweets can be seen by the masses.

#2: 500 million people visit the Twitter website each month without even logging in.

This means that even internet users who lack Twitter accounts may visit your company on Twitter in order to get a feel for what sort of business you are. Be sure to give them a good impression by running a well-maintained page, offering prompt responses to customer queries, and showing impeccable customer service.

#3: About 29.2% of social media users in the United States are on Twitter.

If your business caters to US customers, Twitter is one of the places you absolutely must be. This figure makes Twitter the 4th most popular social media platform in the United States, which is a pretty big deal. Since a business needs to be seen where the people are, a Twitter account is a must-have.

#4: 80% of active Twitter users access their accounts using a mobile app or mobile-friendly website.

Knowing this little factoid, we can guess that a great many Twitter users have smartphones, meaning they have immediate access to the Twitter platform no matter where they are. This means questions and complaints are always incoming and being seen by others. This makes it highly important for businesses to pay close attention to their Twitter accounts, lest something require immediate attention.

#5: The average number of followers on any given Twitter account is 208.

One of the wonderful things about social media is the ability to share things almost instantly. Unfortunately, this marvel of the modern world can also be a curse for business owners. After all, customers now have the ability to spread poor publicity incredibly quickly.

Considering that the average number of followers on Twitter is 208, we can see how news would travel fast should something get out of hand. Fortunately, this can be controlled to an extent by keeping tabs on the social media world.

#6: A reply from a business leaves 77% of Twitter users feeling more positive about the brand in question. 

This is great news, as it tells us exactly how to keep our customers feeling happy. However, without a Twitter account, it is impossible to reply to tweets or even know they exist – yet another good argument for maintaining a business Twitter account.

#7: In the last two years we have seen a 2.5x increase in business-to-customer conversations on Twitter. 

This means more people are expecting Twitter customer service to be an option. When it isn’t, customers are left feeling disappointed and possibly even frustrated that they must find another means of communication.

Joining the ranks and offering Twitter customer service as an option keeps your Twitter-using customers happy and connected to your brand.

#8: 60% of Twitter-using consumers expect brands to respond to their question, complaint, or comment within the hour.

In other words, if a person tweets a complaint at your business, they expect an incredibly prompt reply. This means monitoring your Twitter account and ensuring support tickets are well-organized and attended to.

Businesses are often tempted to ignore their social media accounts, but this is clearly a bad idea for anyone who cares about customer satisfaction.

#9: 76% of Twitter users will recommend a business after receiving good service. 

One of the greatest things about jumping into the social media universe is the incredible marketing power found there. We all know just how powerful word-of-mouth advertising can be, and Twitter harnesses that power in a way that never could have been imagined 25 years ago.

Want to take full advantage of this power? Give some excellent customer service, and you will be highly likely to receive a glowing recommendation via Twitter in return. That is advertisement money simply cannot buy.

#10: A 19% lift in satisfaction was observed in customers of brands using Twitter as an avenue for customer service.

Wondering just how much of an impact maintaining a Twitter account might have on customer satisfaction? Consider the fact above. With a nearly 20% increase in satisfied customers, we’d say creating and maintaining a Twitter account has an impact worth noting.

Do you want to join the world of social media without all of the organizational headaches? You might find the Vision Helpdesk Software to be just the solution.

Our software has the ability to import customer support tickets from various sources (including Twitter and Facebook) and put them all in one place. This allows staff to properly organize and tend to those tickets in a manner that is both professional and efficient, something that’s sure to leave customers feeling happy and taken care of.

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Megha Jadhav10 Reasons Your Company Needs a Twitter Integration with Help Desk
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