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Case Study: Infocus Technologies using Vision Helpdesk

About: Infocus Technologies Pvt. Ltd.:

Infocus Technologies Pvt. Ltd. started its journey in 2007 as a Business Consulting, Information Technology and Service Company. They are primarily focused on SAP Consulting, Implementation and Support services.

The company is promoted by a group of senior IT and Management professionals, with years of rich experience, to create a venture embodying a set of core values, which are fundamental to our existence:

  • Teamwork
  • Employee Empowerment
  • Integrity without Compromise

Infocus aspires to deliver outstanding services and solutions in its areas of expertise to Corporate Houses, Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) and the Government Sector. The company offers a range of specialized services and solutions for Information Technology (IT), Business Consulting pertaining to SAP Practice.

The company operates in niche areas in ERP/SAP domain and in its 10 years of operations has established a reputation for cost-effective, timely and quality services.

The breadth of their services includes: ERP, SCM, Customer Engagement & CRM, Project Management, Digital Transformation, Big Data & Analytics and a wide variety of Technical and Specialty Services.

Their offerings range from strategy making, assessment and planning activities and, all key elements of implementation and integration, with extended support post-implementation. They also offer specialized services in outsourced software development & web solutions, allowing their clients to focus on their core competencies and utilising their time for innovation and value creation by the outsourcing of non-core activities.

Customer Support System Previously used:

Traditional email system

Organization Type:

Information Technology

Issues faced in the Previous system:

Traditional Email System

Issues faced in the Previous system:

  1. Multi-channel ticket creation: Customers contacted for their queries from different mediums like email account, social sites, chats etc and it was difficult to manage the different channels. There were multiple instances where staff missed on the queries.
  2. Web portal for ticket submission: To make ticket submission easy for customers, it was required to have a web portal to submit queries and track the queries they had submitted in the past.
  3. Auto assignment of tickets for staff: With the traditional email system, they had to keep the track of ticket assignment manually.
  4. Notification for staff for ticket assignment: Sometimes staff missed the new tickets since there was no notification mechanism.
  5. Inadequate reports / Custom reports:  Due to lack of reporting feature, it becomes a very tedious task to analyse the ticket patterns, staff performance etc.
  6. No SLA record: It was difficult to define the deadlines for staff to provide better customer service.
  7. Inability to obtain feedback from customers:  It was difficult to understand customer feedback and to track them.
  8. Limitation in the Workflow Automation: Automation feature was not available.
  9. Mobile app: To provide better customer service, the staff wanted a mobile app.
  10. Secured platform

Product with Vision Helpdesk:

Professional Helpdesk Software.

How Vision Helpdesk helped enhance the customer support for Infocus Technologies :

  1. Vision Helpdesk offers multi-channel support i.e. under a centralised place you can see all the queries submitted by the customers. This helped staff to track the tickets easily.
  2. Report and Analytics: We have a wide range of inbuilt reports module wise, graphical reports and also custom reports.
  3. Configured alerts to notify staff members for tickets.
  4. Automations rules setup to take feedback from clients whenever a ticket is closed.
  5. Email queue configuration department wise.
  6. Workflows and SLA feature to automate the ticket assignment and escalation which helped to provide efficient and timely customer service.
  7. Mobile App for staff so that they can reply to customer ticket anytime.
  8. Vision helpdesk offers a secure platform to customers as we follow standard security norms.

To Summarize,

Vision Helpdesk helped to improve staff performance and work more efficiently as automation helped to automate repeated tasks. They were able to focus on priority tickets, all thanks to the automation feature. Also, Helpdesk report and advanced features helped them to provide excellent support to their customers.

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Vision HelpdeskCase Study: Infocus Technologies using Vision Helpdesk
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