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ChadConnects recommends Vision Helpdesk as an Alternative to Zendesk

Vision Helpdesk Tops on Web 2.0 Helpdesk Software List published by – an SEO Company.

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Zendesk Alternative Vision Helpdesk

Vision Helpdesk Review

For more details check this —

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Vision HelpdeskChadConnects recommends Vision Helpdesk as an Alternative to Zendesk
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  • Infrenion Networks - August 5, 2010 reply

    Good to see guys! We are using Vision Helpdesk for supporting our 3 companies.

    What we like most about Vision helpdesk is its Satellite Feature – thats unmatched.

    Also congratulations! for your FREE Vision helpdesk Mobile Edition – I am using it now 🙂 and it works great!!

  • Zcrafts - August 26, 2010 reply

    I was looking for Zendesk alternative scripts and came across your post about pricing comparison, Its really nice to know Vision Helpdesk offering unlimited staff, unlimited tickets, unlimited departments and users for just $9.99 per month

    Mainly I don’t like Zendesk as it does not allow me to host the script on our server and the pricing is high.

    I am interested to evaluate Vision Helpdesk for 30 days you can expect my evaluation order.


  • Daniel - July 19, 2012 reply

    Customers usually turns to sending emails especially for those that are always on the go. So it is very helpful is their concerns are being taken care of wherever they go. And in case you would like to outsource your customer support, I’d recommend that you check that provides full time low cost online workers and can provide a time tracking software for effective remote team management.

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