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Helpdesk Pricing Comparison, Vision Helpdesk turns out to be most economical

Recently I stumble upon  TechCrunch article that reads — “Zendesk Raises Prices, Pisses Off Customers

I was wondering, how a company could ever think of raising price for just adding few features?  Not at all a good business practice.  The article also mentions that Zendesk later realized their mistake and they decided to run the same pricing for existing customers where as new customers will be still paying higher cost.

Vision Helpdesk could never think of raising price for adding features – Just like we have released Vision Helpdesk Mobile App and that is completely FREE!!

The article has also raised questions about the SaaS methods and What SaaS should practically be doing is reducing overall help desk management cost ? Isn’t it?  With Zendesk becoming overpricy  that doesn’t seem so 🙁

Some random comments from post —

Kayako comment on Zendesk SaaS

ZenDesk Shame

Interestingly, the article has received several comments, One that mentions the comparison  of pricing between several paid helpdesk softwares (screenshot below ) shows Vision Helpdesk is the only Economical Helpdesk Software that offers EVERYTHING UNLIMITED at just $30 per month. (On Top of it we offer FREE WHMCS Software worth $15 per month 😉

Helpdesk Price Comparison

We appreciate CCBTools who have posted the nice pricing comparison.

Vision Helpdesk is open for Zendesk Refugee Discounts – please contact us on our Live Chat or email us for Zendesk Refugee Discounts.

Vision HelpdeskHelpdesk Pricing Comparison, Vision Helpdesk turns out to be most economical
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