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Don’t Boast! First lesson to offer Good Customer Support Service

Lesson for Good Customer Support Service

There is a great saying by Stephen Hawking, “People who boast about their I.Q. are losers!” Very true! When you are working as a support person than your primary duty becomes to

offer the support to your customers at any cause. In fact to take the customers out of the difficulty becomes your prime goal. The customers should feel that you are the super hero for them who takes them out of the difficulty every time.I know this gives immense feeling of satisfaction and happiness when you are able to solve the query of the customers and are able to give a proper advice to them.

But sometimes the customer support person may even feel that he should be able to provide support to the customer at any cost whether or not he has understood the query properly or not. He starts feeling that he is the only one who is the best in providing the customer support and there comes the sense of pride. This is really very dangerous! We very well know the story of Rabbit who was boasting about how fast it could run and Turtle who was the real hero towards the end of the race.

So if the support person keeps on boasting about his knowledge and expertise than he will land nowhere besides it will have a major effects that are as stated below:

Effects of boasting with your Customers:

1) Queries unresolved:

The query of the customer never gets resolved rather it will give rise to more queries.

2) Hesitant to put forth queries:

At times the customer may even feel hesitant to put forward their queries as the support person makes them feel that their queries are very simple or baseless.

3) No rapport:

There will be no rapport between the customer and the support person as the customer may feel that the support person is very superior to them in terms of knowledge.

4) Lack of understanding:

Due to this the support person will hardly understand the main problem that the customers are facing and further they will not be able to explain it to the developers if any customization is needed.

5) Unable to learn new things:

No one is perfect. If this would be the attitude of the support person then he will not be able to learn new things from the customers. There are customers with immense knowledge and we should try to learn new things and concepts from them.

6) No progress:

The customers will not feel like interacting with such type of support person so there would be no scope for such customer support people to progress.

5 Ways that will make you a good Customer Support Person:

Here are the ways that are mentioned that will surely help you to be the good Customer Support person.

1) Be frank with your Customers:

There are times when even the customer support person is not able to resolve the query of the customers. At that time you should speak up to the customers frankly that you are not clear with the issue for what the customers is asking for assistance. Also if your product does not have a particular feature then, be frank to say it to them instead of falsely boasting around.

2) Confirm before replying:

It is always good to confirm the issue that the customer is facing and then replying to them. Even if you are sure of the solution to that particular query but make it a point to confirm it from your seniors. Instead of giving a false solution of the query to the customers it is better to give reply to it after confirming.

3) Don’t show off:

Instead of just beating around the bush be clear to offer the right solution. Showing off your unnecessary knowledge will indeed confuse your customers. So try to give the solution up to the point which will be useful for them.

4) Keep your ego aside:

Don’t feel that you are the one who is superior in tackling all kinds of issues of the customers. Be open to learn new things from your customers. This will lead to establish a good rapport between the support team and the customers.

5) Be curious:

Don’t feel stressed or tensed when the customers comes up with same or different types of queries. Be curious and take it as a challenge to resolve the queries of the customers in time.

When all the customer support persons will follow the above points keeping aside their egos and boasting nature, then they would be able to offer a good support to the customers and excelling in their work. Always remember that a customer support person needs to be smart but not over smart!

Vision HelpdeskDon’t Boast! First lesson to offer Good Customer Support Service
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