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4 Factors that decide help desk software cost..


Gone are the times when the customers have to wait for hours in order to get support for issues they were facing. Now the support that the customers get is proactive. The support team is able to provide the support to the customer anywhere around the globe in no time. There is a great saying by Donald Porter, “Customers don’t expect you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong!” When you are able to provide with good customer service to your customers then you will surely excel in your business. This has become possible due to Help desk Software. Everyone has understood the need to have good help desk software to make their work easy and to provide with the better support. Help desk software is widely used by Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid-Size Business, Non Profits, Public Administrations and Small Business. So surely there is a need to have the help desk software to make your work easy.

Know your help desk requirements:

According to SteveMcConnell ” The most difficult part of requirements gathering is not the act of recording what the user wants, it is the exploratory development activity of helping users figure out what they want.” Before buying the help desk software it is very important and initial to know one’s requirements. What do the customer expects from the help desk software. These requirements may vary from customer to customer. And also it may vary whether it is a start-up company or enterprise. Accordingly the requirement of the features from the help desk may differ.

For example: Some require knowledge-base for the clients and for others email parsing will be the priority. So based on these requirements the customer must decide the help desk software that will be best suited for them.

Know the Budget:

Consider the budget of the company then make the decision regarding the help desk software. There are help desk where pricing is for unlimited staff agents and others charge you according to per staff agent. If you have the budget of the company in mind then you are able to make a wise decision that will be the best for you.

Factors deciding the help desk cost:

There are certain factors that will decide the cost of the help desk software. Those factors are as stated below:

1) Features:

It is a fact that if you wish to have more features than one has to pay more cost for it. Map out and prioritize the features that you need.No one can compromise with the features if it is a basic need of the business. It is the basic requirement or need of any of the company and people stick to these needs.

2) Pricing Model:

Different help desk software have different pricing model. There are help desk where pricing is based on either per staff agent or for unlimited staff agents. If you have lesser staff agents (say 2 or 3) then obviously you can have the help desk software based on per staff agent. But if you have many staff agents then it is preferable to have the help desk software that offers with the unlimited staff agents, clients and tickets rather than going for per staff agents.

3) Scalable solution:

When you are a start-up company or small scale company you want to have the help desk software that can meet with your basic requirements. But if in future if the company goes from smaller scale to the larger scale then the help desk software should be able to meet with the further requirements. This means that the help desk software should be scalable if you wish to shift from the smaller to large scale company. This means that the system should not break down even if you scale high in your business.

4) On-premise or SaaS:

One of the important factors that decide the cost of the help desk software is whether you opt for Saas (the one which is hosted on the cloud servers) or Download (the one which is hosted on your Server or on-premise). It is your choice that which license will be best suited for your company.

There are help desk that provide their support to Charities, NGO’s and Non-profit organizations by providing them with the free help desk software. Also they are entitled to receive unlimited free support and software updates for life time.

To have a better understanding of the help desk software that will truly meet with your requirements you can evaluate it by signing up for the 30 days free trial. The points that are mentioned above are to be considered as the important factor that decides the help desk software cost. If a proper evaluation and study is done before buying the help desk software then these factors will surely help you to make a wise and good decision for your company.

Vision Helpdesk4 Factors that decide help desk software cost..
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