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How a Help Desk Software Can Improve Over-the-Phone Customer Support

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Everyone knows that more and more companies are offering fast, reliable, and undeniably excellent online customer service.
This is wonderful because a good portion of almost any customer base these days is online, and many eyeballs will be watching to see how their favorite businesses do when it comes to maintaining their online presence.

That said, far too many businesses are turning all of their focus to the online world, all but forgetting those customers who still count on over-the-phone service. This is a shame, and can quickly lead to an issue for these companies. After all, even those who still rely on the phone to communicate with businesses can use word-of-mouth to spread the word about an upsetting experience. On top of that, many phone users do also use the internet on occasion, meaning these individuals will likely leave poor reviews online if they are upset enough, something that could easily tarnish the reputation of a company.

For this reason, it is important that businesses continue to focus on providing wonderful over-the-phone service in addition to growing their amazing online service. Of course, this is easier said than done, and even the most talented customer service employees can find it difficult to juggle the various communication methods and ensure all customers receive top-notch service. This is where a good help desk software steps in.

While it is pretty obvious that a computer-based help desk option will improve the online customer service department of almost any business, many people fail to realize just how much such a software can help when a company is looking to improve their phone-based customer service as well.

Here are 4 ways a good help desk software can help your business improve its phone-based customer service.

#1: All Tickets on One Platform

Help desk softwares such as Vision Helpdesk help customer service employees keep track of all tickets by storing them all in the same queue. This ensures that phone-based customers aren’t forgotten while online customers are being helped. It also makes contacting phone customers easier for employees by storing contact information in the same platform where all other information is stored.

By keeping everything in one place, help desk softwares ensure phone customers receive the exact same quality of service their online counterparts receive. It helps eliminate confusion from the workplace and makes it easy to find the information needed to help any given customer regardless of their communication method of choice.

#2: First Come, First Served Ordering

In addition to moving all tickets to the same queue, a help desk software will also place the tickets in the order they are received. This means that whether a query came in via email, social media, or phone call, it will be added to the queue in its proper place. Obviously, this makes everything as fair as possible by ensuring that all customers are helped with the same sense of urgency, and in the correct order.

This is extremely helpful to those employees who are tired of bouncing between email, phone messages, and social media, and always wondering who should be helped next. It removes any questions about the order of things and helps ensure phone customers are helped as quickly as online customers when the often-less-appealing phone calls might be put off otherwise.

#3: Better Communication

Communication via text is easy to pass between employees. After all, the staff members can easily go back and look at earlier parts of the conversation in order to know the details of an issue. Unfortunately, passing such information from one employee to the next when a customer is being helped verbally is a bit more complicated.

A help desk software can help with this by allowing customer service staff to add notes to any given ticket before passing it off to a coworker. This improved communication directly translates to better service for over-the phone customers who may otherwise suffer from the results of lack of communication.

#4: Improved Efficiency

Because a help desk software stores all necessary information in the same place, navigating customer support tickets—and the information required to take care of these tickets—is noticeably more efficient. While this improves the customer service department of a business on all fronts, it is the customers seeking over-the-phone support who are likely to notice this most.

The reason for this is that a phone-based customer must wait on the line for answers to their questions. Therefore, while a customer who chooses to communicate via email or social media can carry on with daily activities while waiting for a reply, a customer who communicates via phone must stop everything while waiting for a staff member to seek out the information needed to help them. In these cases, staff efficiency is of the utmost importance, meaning a help desk software is a must.

Whether your business is growing quickly and hoping to maintain an excellent reputation for customer service or working to take a mediocre customer service department and create something better, Vision Helpdesk can help your staff give all customers the service they desire. Because our platform supports all types of communication, we help ensure phone customers and online customers are all receiving the same level of service.

If this sounds like something that would work well for your business, please have a look around our website, learn a bit more about how our products work, and sign up for a free trial today.

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Megha JadhavHow a Help Desk Software Can Improve Over-the-Phone Customer Support
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