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ITIL/ ITSM Service Desk Software: Common Jobs and Vocabulary Terms

ITIL ITSM Vocabulary

Are you interested in implementing ITIL/ ITSM Service Desk Software in your organization but don’t know much about it?
Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a set of practices for ITSM that aligns all the technical services with the needs of your specific business. IT Service Management (ITSM) used to only focus on how companies completed certain processes and procedures. However, the role of ITSM has expanded over the years. The revamped version of ITSM can help your company become faster and more efficient. When used correctly, ITIL/ITSM can bring tremendous advantages to your business.

Unfortunately, many business owners just focus on the technical components of building an IT program and don’t fully understand who they should hire to help implement it. There are certain key roles that you will need to fulfill in your IT department to properly utilize ITIL/ITSM. Below are some common ITIlL positions that may help make your company’s IT department more successful and what traits you should look for in potential job candidates.


Service Transition: 

People who work in your IT department’s service transition role are in charge of managing change. You should look for job candidates that are highly analytical, have great communication skills and understand how to interact with other team members.

Service Operation:

The service operation job is a serious position that requires a person who is detail-oriented and has great interpersonal skills. They are in charge of making sure IT services are delivered effectively and efficiently. For example, they may fix service failures and perform routine operational tasks.

Service Strategy:

A person involved in service strategy manages the service portfolio and organizes the IT department’s management activities. Since this role focuses on strategy, look for candidates who can understand how to develop long-term vision.

Continual Service Improvement:

This role requires someone who will continually monitor the company’s progress and make recommendations on how to improve. Look for a person who is analytical and understands how to measure the effectiveness of your company’s actions.

Service Design:

The person in charge of service design must have design experience and understand the company’s brand and vision. Their job is to align your company’s technology with the overall vision.


Now that we’ve shared some of the common ITIL positions you may need to hire, we should discuss the most important abbreviations. If you don’t have experience with ITIL/ITSM it can be very confusing. Here are some important ITIL abbreviations you should know.

Operational Level Agreement (OLA): 

An Operational Level Agreement is a contract that defines how various IT groups within your company will deliver a service or set of services to another. Operational Level Agreements are designed to address a specific list of criteria and define which IT services each department is responsible for and when it should be delivered.

Value of Investment (VOI): 

The Value of Investment refers to the value your company receives from any type of investment. For example, if your company is debating whether it should purchase new software or equipment, you would need to calculate each item’s Value of Investment. What kind of value would you and the company receive from each purchase? The accounting and IT department should also be able to understand why the company invested in new hardware, software licenses, personnel, and more assets based on the Value of Investment.

Service Asset and Configuration Management (SACM): 

Service Asset and Configuration Management is a process that helps maintain all information that is associated with the configuration items necessary to perform a certain IT service. Service Asset and Configuration Management also includes every single relationships between different configuration items. However, please note that Service Asset and Configuration Management is not like other asset management operations that track hardware and other items.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI): 

A Key Performance Indicator is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively a company is achieving its key business objectives. The value is important because it can help you and your leadership team understand if the company is meeting its goals. You can develop a Key Performance Indicator to measure your company’s sales growth, marketing effectiveness, business strategies and many other important factors.

Change Advisory Board (CAB): 

A Change Advisory Board is a group of individuals from different departments within your company. For example, a representative for marketing, human resources, IT and other important areas may serve on the board as key members to give advice.

Business Relationship Management (BRM): 

Business Relationship Management refers to the act of managing the IT and business department. Overall, it identifies the needs of existing and potential customers and ensures that appropriate services are developed to meet those needs.Capacity Management Information System (CMIS): 

Capacity Management Information Systems can help the IT department determine your company’s infrastructure needs by analyzing and predicting its technological capacity. It can also assist in creating organizational IT policies that will accommodate future bandwidth, software, hardware, and database needs. When utilized correctly, a Capacity Management Information System can allow your business to plan for growth and manage it accordingly.

We know navigating ITIL/ITSM can be confusing, especially if you don’t have lots of experience with technology. Hopefully our list of common ITIL roles will help you hire the right people so you can develop a productive IT department. Our explanation of typical abbreviations should also remove some of the mystery behind ITIL/ITSM. The more you become familiar with ITIL/ITSM, the more comfortable you will be using the technology to make your company even greater.

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Megha JadhavITIL/ ITSM Service Desk Software: Common Jobs and Vocabulary Terms
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