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ITSM Service Desk Software Streamlines Your Work

ITSM Service Desk Software

Running or managing a business means you often must juggle a variety of issues at one time. Information technology has made it possible for big and small companies to manage their paperwork flow in a more efficient manner.

Information technology (IT) allows companies to use computers to “create, process, store, secure and exchange all forms of electronic data.” Without IT, businesses resort to stacks of paperwork piled up, lost information, and the inability to exchange information and work collaboratively. All of these tasks are accomplished with ease when you have an ITSM service desk software.

You may be wondering just what an ITSM service desk software is. ITSM stands for information technology service management and allows companies a structure to “ensure right processes, people and technology are in place so that the organization can meet its business goals.” Accomplish, manage, and access a plethora of technological services all from one central software platform when using an ITSM software such as the one Vision Helpdesk offers. Let’s look at some of the customer service and IT service issues companies deal with on a regular basis. The following is a list of the type of things that businesses can manage with the assistance of ITSM software. Utilizing this helps streamline your  organization.

Asset Management

Using information technology service management software you have the ability to manage your assets in a more productive manner.  Asset management includes not just monetary assets but services and staff, as well. Keep track of your entire inventory so that you know when it’s time to reorder. In addition, ITSM software allows you to track how well some products or services sell versus others. Track seasonal purchases to understand your customers’ buying patterns.

Depreciation is an expense most businesses understand conceptually. You realize that equipment and other items depreciate yet do you have an overview of the whole depreciation picture in one glance. Quickly scan the depreciation data to make wise decisions with your assets.

Your budget is a big chunk of what you do regularly. Software allows you to plan your budget by showing you all your expenditures so you can predict your expenditures more accurately.

Incident Management

In addition to balancing your budget, you must deal with incidents. Whenever you have an interruption in technological services, it puts the brakes on business. Managing these incidents effectively helps minimize these issues. The ITSM software provides a framework for solving these incidents, therefore reducing the probability of a reoccurrence. ITSM software allows staff to take control of incidents when they arise by reporting these through a shared database. Appropriate staff members enter the incident report, and then  prioritize, assign, and review pending orders. This type of system keeps everyone updated and on the same page. In addition, users can set criteria that would call for follow-up, further action, or escalation of an incident. For example, high-priority incidents are sent over to management if not dealt with in a certain amount of time.

ITSM software supports staff working on incident requests by providing a database of prior solutions and a knowledge library. Past incidents are linked in the problem management section of the database, thereby facilitating faster solutions for current incidents. For example, if the email goes down and the technical staff determines the problem was a server issue, then that’s stored in the system. If, in the future, the email goes down again, staff notices the server caused the trouble before and they may look at that first. Having ITSM software in place saves time for those working on incidents.

Problem Management

Problems and incidents are similar. Problem management differs from incident management in that problem management seeks to resolve the root problem versus only solving the incidents. For this reason, it’s crucial that incidents and problems be closely tied together. Working from one main service desk hub allows companies to link incidents with problem management to expedite solutions.

Change Management

Through use of the ITSM software, changes within the IT infrastructure are seamlessly implemented. Since changes to the system have the potential to be disruptive, this software is instrumental in allowing for a smooth transition when changes must be done. Those working on introducing a change in any part of the system make a request, then track, review, and report the changes. One important element of the change management process is connecting the dots when it comes to incidents and problems. For example, if certain incidents occur regularly, it may be determined they are all related to one problem. A change is introduced to solve the root problem. Within the change management section, you can link the change with prior incidents. You would expect the change to resolve the incidents.

Knowledge-base Management

The knowledge-base database provides a wealth of information for both staff and customers. Create a library of knowledge that customers can search for solutions to common problems. In addition, you may set up a portal for customers to ask and answer each other’s questions. This saves everyone time because the company may not need to respond to a question and customers may get their answers quicker. This also adds to your information base. Allow customers to login and access downloaded files.

Imagine having a centralized location to manage all your IT issues. Companies streamline solutions for staff and customers when they implement ITSM software such as the one Vision Helpdesk offers. Contact us for more information about our services.

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Megha JadhavITSM Service Desk Software Streamlines Your Work
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